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Non-smoking hotel rooms still expose occupants to tobacco smoke

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Science Codex6 hours ago

The researchers analysed the surfaces and air quality of rooms for evidence of tobacco smoke pollution (nicotine and 3EP),


‘Thirdhand Smoking’ Poses Danger To Guests In Non-Smoking

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Medical Daily7 hours ago

The researchers analyzed surfaces and air for tobacco smoke pollutants such In comparison to hotels that completely ban smoking, tobacco


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2. Partial cigarette ban in hotels ‘not enough to protect non-smoking

3. Yorkshire Post7 hours ago

4. ‘Third-hand Smoke’ Affects Guests In Non-Smoking Hotel Rooms

5. International Business Times4 hours ago

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3 tobacco companies in $27B lawsuit begin their defence

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CBC.ca9 hours ago

Three of Canada’s tobacco giants began their defence Monday against a $27-billion class-action lawsuit in Montreal by calling a witness who

Puffing tobacco has doubled in movie scenes over two years

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Mackay Daily Mercury4 hours ago

SMOKING scenes in youth-rated films has doubled between 2010 and 2012, returning to levels of a decade ago, a new study has found.

Tobacco Plus Expo Getting a Name Change

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CSNews Online11 hours ago

LAS VEGAS — Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) will roll out the red carpet for convenience stores at next year’s show, as reflected in the event’s name

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