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Research Paper

A conflict of interest is strongly associated with tobacco industry–favourable results, indicating no harm of e-cigarettes

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Revolution or redux? Assessing IQOS through a precursor product

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Smoking may cost the Aussie economy $388bn in lost productivity

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GSU advancing research on impact of e-cigarettes as teen usage skyrockets

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Tobacco companies are using Twitter to oppose policy and shape their public identity

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Comparison of toxicant load from waterpipe and cigarette tobacco smoking among young adults in the USA

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The health, poverty, and financial consequences of a cigarette price increase among 500 million male smokers in 13 middle income countries

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Cinnamon, vanilla and buttery e-cigarette flavors are among the most toxic — and mixing flavors is more damaging than vaping just one

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Negative affect, message reactance and perceived risk: how do pictorial cigarette pack warnings change quit intentions?

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Inflammatory and Oxidative Responses Induced by Exposure to Commonly Used e-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals and Flavored e-Liquids without Nicotine

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