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Tobacco Links

Chinese Tobacco Links:
Smoke-Free Laws – 无烟空气法:基本事实和资源
Taxation & Price – 税和价格:基本事实和资源
Advertising & Promotion – 广告和促销:事实和资源

Local Tobacco Links:
HK Government Tobacco Control Office
List of Qualified Hong Kong Establishments which have a smoking exemption until June 30th 2009
List of licensed general restaurants in Hong Kong
List of General Restaurant Liquor Licenced pemises in Hong Kong with Outside Seating Accommodation
List of Light Refreshment Liquor Licenced premises in Hong Kong with Outside Seating Accommodatio
Tar and NicotineReport – Government Laboratory

International Tobacco Links:
The Tobacco Atlas
World No Tobacco Day (NEW)
WHO | The Smoker’s Body (NEW)
See for yourself some the effects of tobacco use on your health. Poster available online in English, French and Spanish.
Tobacco Control Archives PURPOSE To collect, preserve, and provide access to papers, unpublished documents, and electronic resources relevant to tobacco control
Read the shocking lies and deceit – in Big Tobacco’s own mail, faxs and words
The Master Settlement Agreement – Hong Kong should pursue similar action
British American Tobacco document archives online
British American Tobacco document archives in Guildford UK online
US Department of Justice – tobacco litigation timeline
The defendants are currently adjudged Racketeers (RICO)
Judge Gladys Kessler’s final opinion 1,682 pages
Big Tobacco – adjudicated Racketeers 2006
Worldwide news on the tobacco fight
The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: A Public Health Movement
Action on Smoking and Health Australia – a fantastic resource on anti tobacco news
Clear the Air Hong Kong and ASH Australia co-operate on the provision of news information
Action on Smoking and Health UK – another super resource
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
Clear the Air and Tobacco Free Kids have shared information to help fight a Hong Kong trademark case against Big Tobacco
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2006 Surgeon General’s Report—The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke
Smoke-Free Policies Do Not Hurt the Hospitality Industry (October 2006)
Ventilation Does Not Effectively Protect Nonsmokers from Secondhand Smoke (October 2006)
Don’t Be Silent About Smoking – Talk To Your Patients
Global Tobacco Control
Reality Check
Country Laws Regulating E-cigarettes › Country Comparison Database

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