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Health Risks

E-cigarettes: A win or loss for public health?

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E-cigarettes in danger of becoming ‘lifestyle choice’ before safety is proven

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Today was a bad day for e-cigarettes

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Science and Technology Select Committee evidence on e-cigarettes

2,5-dimethylfuran as a validated biomarker of smoking status

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Can e-cigarettes help save lives? It’s complicated

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E-cigarettes can be injurious for your liver, know why

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Vaping may raise cancer risk because of damage to DNA, says study

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Army warns of ‘emerging public health threat’

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Cellular evidence on how nicotine and e-cigarettes increase cancer risk in humans (and mice)

Clear the Air says:

Without addictive nicotine content in cigarettes and electronic versions, people would not be addicted and would not need to smoke.

The ‘95% safer’ NUTT biased pushers and PHE always state: it’s not the nicotine, it’s the combustion and  tar.

As numerous new peer reviewed research articles appear on previously undiscovered pathogenic effects of vaping and nicotine, the likelihood of major lawsuits against PHE grows progressively stronger.

These recent findings (attached) show the way forward to researchers to discover how both nicotine and e-cig vapour, even without nicotine, adversely affect DNA or lead to cellular mutations, creating cancerous chemicals in the body like NNN and NNK, even though such chemicals were not present in the ingested e-cig vapour.

Such mutation evidence probably already exists within carefully hidden tobacco industry research using outside contractors.  Time to offer a Bloomberg/Gates Whistleblower Bounty?

Detailed independent research concentration on e-cig vapour and  nicotine effects on cellular level mutations in DNA could lead to a possible ban on nicotine by Governments = game over for Big Tobacco.

This is the Real End Game – Ban Nicotine.

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