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August 20th, 2015:

CTA Press release – US Military to use e-cigs as weapons

Wackyleaks revealed today the US Military intends to drop tens of thousands of E-cigs with replacement cartridges into ISIL controlled areas.

Armed forces commander General Silo Fokker revealed that the units are so unstable that  they expect many of the ISIL jihadis to be killed by the E-cigs and with the

added capability to explode nearby munitions worn on the person.

Furthermore ISIL bans smoking and is likely to behead many of its fighters who will be addicted by the overly high nicotine content of the cartridges. (General Fokker revealed that a study of tobacco company future strategies also involved this measure to replace FDA approved low nicotine cartridges with Black market hi-nicotine versions )

Fokker stated further that the US military is also considering the E-cig as a replacement for the current M67 fragmentation grenade and AN-M14 TH3 incendiary hand grenade as they were more lightweight and did more damage.

Man sues e-cigarette store for $1million after batteries ……/Man-sues-ecigarette-store-1million-batteries-explo

12 Mar 2015 – WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: David Powell, of Arlington, Texas, bought batteries for his ecigarette that later exploded in his pocket and …

VIDEO & PICS: e-cigarette explodes and sets fire to barmaid ……/11133501.Barmaid_s_lucky_escape_as_e_cigar

This is the moment a barmaid narrowly escaped when an ecigarette exploded in flames in a packed pub and rocketed towards her.

Exploding e-cigarettes spark national safety concerns – The … › Life › Health & Families › Health News

11 Jul 2015 – A series of “highly disturbing” fires caused by exploding ecigarette chargers has prompted a nationwide safety alert. … World News in Pictures.

E-cigarette explodes in man’s face | FOX5 San Diego – San …


9 Feb 2015 – What caused the ecigarette to explode was under investigation. … with the units that they showed in the pictures,” said Thomas Kiklas, who …

Frenchman injured by exploding e-cigarette – The Local

18 May 2015 – A young Frenchman was left with burns to his right hand and complained he could have been left disfigured after his electronic cigarette …

Man Injured, Bed Catches Fire After E-Cigarette Explodes ……/man-injured-bed-catches-fire-after-ecigaretteexp

9 Mar 2015 – ECigarette explodes in Santa Ana man’s hand embedding itself into ceiling. Story on @myfoxla . Pics via @OCFA_PIO …

Warning over exploding e-cigarettes after city blazes caused … › … › West Midlands Fire Service

11 Jul 2015 – File photo dated 24/10/14 of a man smoking an electronic cigarette, as a study has found that tobacco smokers who also use “tank” ecigarettes …

E-Cigarette Explodes In Face While Vaping! Bizarre News …–vboAJfE

24 Feb 2015 – Uploaded by Comedone Kings by World’s Greatest Medical

34 yo dropped his vape (ecigarette) device and it stopped working. He heard a weird … We want videos not …

‘Exploding’ E-Cigarette Chargers Spark Alert – Sky News

11 Jul 2015 – Fire chiefs say incidents occur because some electronic cigarettes smokers are not using compatible chargers, causing overheating.

Fire warning after e-cigarette charger explodes in Runcorn … › In Your Area › Runcorn

22 Apr 2015 – Scorch marks show where the fire took hold after an ecigarette charge exploded. A Runcorn … Picture by Yui Mok/PA Wire. Mr Stringer said: “I …

e-cigarettes – Latest news updates, pictures, video, reaction …

Family’s miracle escape as ecigarette charger explodes and sparks house blaze · ecigarettes … In this photo illustration a woman smokes an ecigarette …

San Diego Man Burned in E-Cigarette Explosion: Officials ……/San-Diego-Man-Burned-ECigaretteExplosio


A San Diego man was rushed to a nearby burn unit after his ecigarette exploded in a Ramona liquor store. (Published Monday, Feb. 9, 2015). Updated at 8:53 …

Warning over exploding e-cigarettes sparking spate of fires ……/story.html

11 Jul 2015 – A similar ecigarette battery exploded when it was left to charge in a … Man sentenced after posting sexually explicit picture of woman on.

Can An E-Cigarette Explode? It Did In New Jersey – And ……/explodingecigarette-results-house-fire-little-egg-harbor-0

5 May 2015 – The result can be an ecigarette that overheats and explodes, … A South Brunswick Resident Took This Photo Of A Local Police Officer Safely …

Exploding e-cigarette charger warning issued by LGA – BBC …

11 Jul 2015 – People who use ecigarettes are being warned of the dangers of fires caused by exploding chargers.

E-cigarette charger safety alert issued after spate of fires …

11 Jul 2015 – A safety alert is issued by fire authorities in England and Wales, warning people of the dangers of fires caused by exploding ecigarette …

Arlington man files suit over exploding e-cig battery…/2015/...explodingecig…/70191786/

12 Mar 2015 – David Powell said a battery designed to power an electronic cigarette exploded in the pocket of his cargo shorts in August, 2014. WFAA

By Admin E-Cig Explosion, Injures Man Using it (Pictures)…/ecigexplosion-injures-man-using-it-pictures/

26 May 2015 – Another vapor cigarette has exploded in use and Travis Nummerdor found out the hard way. The following is the outcome of the ecig explosion …

Family’s ‘lucky escape’ after e-cigarette explodes and sets … › News › Wales News › South Wales Fire Service

12 Aug 2015 – Fire chiefs have warned about the dangers of electrical chargers after a Newport family had a lucky escape from a house fire. Senior officers …

Exploding e-cigarettes prompt national safety warning from……/story.html

11 Jul 2015 – ​Exploding ecigarettes prompt national safety warning from … bottle shape on tree branch in Bourton, remarkable picture by John Finch.

Arlington Man Sets Crotch On Fire, Sues Vape Shop Over ……/arlington-man-sets-crotch-on-fire-sues-vape-shop-o…

11 Mar 2015 – Pictures taken a month after the battery exploded in his pocket show the … The former marine and family man said he had the spare ecigarette …

Everything you need to know about e-cigarettes – Vox


26 Jun 2015 – The explosion of ecigarette use in recent years has sparked one of the most heated ongoing public … Dondi Tawatao / Getty Images News. <.

Santa Ana man swears off smoking after e-cigarette …

12 Mar 2015 – PHOTOS: Keith Sweat, K-Ci & JoJo at the Queen Mary’s Summer …. OCFA: Man injured after ecigarette explodes near his face in Santa Ana …

E-cigarette explodes in California man’s face |

10 Feb 2015 – Ecigarette explodes in California man’s face … Police: Images and witnesses place man in restricted area prior to deadly Cedar Point accident …

911 Caller Says Electronic Cigarette “Blew Up in My Hand ……/EcigExplosion-Santa-Ana-hand-29572977…

10 Mar 2015 – I just had an electronic cigarette blow up in my hand… it’s stuck in the … [LA GALLERY UPDATED 8/13] Southern California Images in the News.

Smoker’s legs nearly blown off by exploding e-cigarette … › News › Health

13 Oct 2014 – An ecigarette looks like the real thing, but delivers a puff of … lost nearly a litre of blood as he staggered to a neighbour for help Photo: PA.

E-cigarettes may lead to explosions, fires |

11 Feb 2015 – A lithium battery in ecigarettes may cause explosions or spark fires. … a Ramona man was rushed to a burn unit after his ecigarette exploded.

E-cigarettes may lead to explosions, fires |

11 Feb 2015 – A lithium battery in ecigarettes may cause explosions or spark fires. … a Ramona man was rushed to a burn unit after his ecigarette exploded.

Exploding E-Cig Causes House Fire » VAPE ABOUT IT › News

6 May 2015 – NOTE: Above image, NOT the actual house. A house fire erupted from an electronic cigarette exploding as it was being charged in the …

Firefighters: Gates e-cigarette explosion likely caused by …

13 Mar 2015 – Firefighters say a man was hurt when an ecigarette exploded at his … and profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the license …

Smokin’ hot: Man claims e-cig batteries sent sparks ……/article13493492.html

11 Mar 2015 – The batteries “suddenly and unexpectedly exploded, causing a scathing … Ecigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that look …. Why does the story show a picture of eGo style batteries when this guy …

It happened, bring on the antz – ECig Mod Explodes | E-Cigarette Forum › … › General Vaping Discussion

10 Mar 2015 – Leading story on my local news, “E CIG EXPLODES” I’m in the LA area so I’m sure all the local tv will have it. I saw it on ch11. Pics and all.

istick 50 watt exploded | E-Cigarette Forum › … › New Members Forum

27 Apr 2015 – 2 mins later it goes kaboom and catches on fire. Just figured I’d post this up … to your batteries. I’m trying to upload pics but says file is too large.

Electronic cigarette explosion: E-cigarette explodes in Laura ……/video-ecigaretteexplodes-in-barmaids-face-after-being-…


8 Apr 2014 – Video: Ecigarette explodes in barmaid’s face after being put on iPad … An e cigarette exploded in the face of a barmaid (Picture: Ross Parry).

20-year-old Man’s Exploding E-Cigarette Gives New ……/ecigarette_explodes_20_yo_burned_santa_ana….

10 Mar 2015 – A 20-year-old Santa Ana man was burned early Monday when the ecigarette he was smoking in bed exploded, launching half…

E Cigarettes – Huffington Post


How To Make Sure Your ECigarette Doesn’t Start A Fire. PA/ The … How ECigarette (Chargers) Can Be Hazardous To Health (PICTURES). Huffington Post …

E-cigarettes present risk to teenage health as new research … › News › Health

30 Mar 2015 – THE new study shows 20 per cent of teens have tried ecigarettes – and almost … Fire bosses have called for safety messages to be displayed on electronic … WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGE: David Aspinall was left with horrific …

E-Cig explodes in man’s hand – clearo shot into the ceiling ……/electronic_cigarette/…/ecig_explodes_in_mans_hand…

10 Mar 2015 – CBS called it an “e-mod cigarette” – good makey-up name actually! E-mod. I’d like to know exactly what his setup was. Can you tell from the pic …

Exploding e-cigarette: Man burned; bed set on fire – LA Times…/la-me-ln-man-ecigaretteexplodes-santa-ana-20150…


9 Mar 2015 – A Santa Ana man suffered burns to his face Monday after an electronic cigarette he was smoking exploded, sending shrapnel flying throughout …

Vape Blast Mech Mod Explosion – Info-electronic-cigarette


The community of ECig users has grown a lot in the last decade. A lot of … Electronic cigarette explosionImages of the incident can be found HERE.

E-cigarette explodes while charging and destroys ……/10716743.REG_LEAD_E_cigarette_exp

The damage the exploded ecigarette caused to Gina McGee’s kitchen …. PHOTOS: Paramedics and passers-by drag biker and car driver from flaming wrecks …

Teen e-cigarette use tripled in the past year – USA Today…/25853003/

16 Apr 2015 – More teens now use ecigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. … (Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images). 3912 CONNECT 193 TWEET 32 … “At the same time, the explosive rise in ecigarette use is a wake-up call.” Phil Daman …

E-cigarette lodges into ceiling after exploding in California ……exploding…/552074/

10 Mar 2015 – A Santa Ana man was smoking an ecigarette in his bedroom, when the device exploded in his hands and … Caller: I’m freaking out, I just had an electronic cigarette blow up in my hand. … PHOTOS: Rescue at Jersey Shore.

E-cigarette companies unite to tackle proposed ban in Hong ……/ecigarette-companies-unite-tackle-proposed-ban

11 May 2015 – Five major electronic cigarette companies in the city have formed a new … …

ABC7 – A Santa Ana man was smoking an e-cigarette when …


He pulled it away from his mouth and it exploded. He suffered minor burns and a cut to his hand. It’s unknown why the ecigarette blew up. ABC7’s photo.

VIDEO: Man suffered burns after e-cigarette explosion ……/…

15 Jan 2015 – A man near Faversham has spoken of his shock after an ecigarette exploded in his home after it was charged incorrectly in his children’s … Pictures: Moving tributes pour in for Plymouth ‘Bucket Man’ who’s sadly died.

UPDATE: Was Exploding E-Cigarette a ‘Mod’? | CSPnet › Category News › Tobacco


20 Feb 2012 – An electronic cigarette or electronic cigar that reportedly exploded in a Florida man’s mouth was likely one he built himself or modified using …

CCTV shows barmaid’s lucky escape when e-cigarette …

9 Apr 2014 – THIS is the moment an ecigarette exploded, engulfing a teenage barmaid in a ball of flame. … This CCTV …

E-Cigarette Explodes in Victim’s Mouth – WTVY…/ECigaretteExplodes-in-Victims-Mouth-320297001….

31 Jul 2015 – After further investigation by the SWFD Fire Marshal and the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office it was discovered … For more information regarding ecigarettes please visit: … Upload your images, or browse our other albums.

Man sues e-cig shop for $1 million after li-ion batteries ……/19041723-man-sues-ecig-shop-for-1-million-after-li-…

14 Mar 2015 – It’s just another of many explosion stories, painting a clear picture on how important it is to always buy the right batteries. Nearly all ecigarette …

E-Cigarette Market Offers Explosive Growth Opportunities ……/ecigarette-market-offers-explosive-growth-op…

24 Mar 2015 – ECigarette Market Offers Explosive Growth Opportunities As … Ecigarettes rapid growing availability is increasing consumer …. Visit PR Newswire for Journalists, our free resources for releases, photos and customized feeds.

This E-Cigarette Battery Exploded And Made A Mess (4 pics)…

1 May 2014 – Some people think ecigarettes are pretty cool but that doesnt mean theye safe. This is what it looks like when the battery from an electronic …

Warning issued as more than 100 fires caused by e ……ecigarette/story…/…

11 Jul 2015 – A nationwide warning has been issued over the dangers of exploding ecigarette chargers. The chargers have been blamed for starting more …

Watch: Shropshire firefighters in warning on dangers of ……/warning-on-dangers-of-explodingecigarett

13 Jan 2015 – A warning about the dangers of exploding ecigarettes has been issued by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, after the devices have caused …

Ordinance change: Skokie adopts ban of e-cigarettes in ……/ct-skr-no-smoking-tl-0409-20150407-story...

7 Apr 2015 – … electronic cigarettes. (Sean Gallup, Getty Images) … ordinance,” he said. lRelated Exploding ecigarette burns California man, starts fire.

The future of smoking: E-cigarettes explained | Digital Trends › Home


11 Nov 2011 – Are ecigarettes the smoker’s salvation from a slow death at the … The Technomancer Gamescom trailer paints a desolate picture of Mars …

Woman hospitalised after e-cigarette explodes in Barking ……/woman-hospitalised-after-ecigaretteexplodes-in-b…

A WOMAN was taken to hospital after an ecig blew up — the THIRD such blast in days. An explosion tore through a flat after the wrong type of charger was used, causing the device to ignite. …. Snap! Amazing photos of traveller look-alikes.

E-cigarette users warned to follow safety advice after ……/story.html

25 Jan 2015 – Ecigarette users are being warned to take extra care following a rise in safety concerns. Trading standards … Last year two local users had near misses when their ecigarettes exploded. … Profile image for krankenhaus.

E-Cigarette Kills Man After ‘Exploding Into Flames’…/ecigarette-kills-man-after-exploding-into-flames/


10 Aug 2014 – An ecigarette exploded in a man’s face who was using oxygen equipment, … Teresa Giudice Prison Photo Reveals How Much She’s Changed.

Electronic Cigarette Explodes –…/electronic-cigaretteexplodes.html

12 Mar 2015 – Gates Man Injured When Vaping Device Explodes … Firefighters said that a Gates man was injured when his electronic cigarette exploded.

How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes? Not Everyone Agrees ……/how-safe-and-effective-electronic-cigare

22 Jul 2013 – Ad outside a NY bodega for ecigarettes, July 2013, Photo: Laura Newman. My friend lit up her electronic cigarette during intermission when we …

Man’s Face Burns From Exploding Electronic Cigarette …


10 Jun 2013 – The electronic cigarette explosion also burned the man’s carpet, chair, pictures and cushions – he was at his office at home when the incident …

Man injured after e-cig blows up – News – The Daily News …

11 Jan 2014 – A man trying to quit smoking is recovering from injuries he said occurred when his ecigarette exploded.

Exploding E-cigarette rockets towards barmaid | Calendar ……/barmaid-narrowly-escapes-ecigaretteexplosion/

9 Apr 2014 – Read the latest Calendar stories, Exploding Ecigarette rockets towards barmaid on … The electronic cigarette exploded in a packed Richmond pub and launched itself …. British woman ‘very sorry’ for mountain strip pictures …

E-cig Safety Archives – World of Vapor Indianapolis

10 Apr 2014 – You may have seen images like these in the news recently. There have been a number of reports showing ecigarettes exploding while …

Ecig news – Fine Vapors

E Cig Explodes in Girls Face! … Looking at the report I don’t see that level of damage as a possibility, with the units that they showed in the pictures. I’ve never …

Vape Blast Mech Mod Explosion – Info-electronic-cigarette


The community of ECig users has grown a lot in the last decade. A lot of … Electronic cigarette explosionImages of the incident can be found HERE.

dangerous and defective products exploding e-cigarettes …


The ecigarette explosion left the victim with severe burns, two missing front teeth, … him but also burned carpets, chair cushions, pictures, and office equipment.

Lattice Energy LLC- Electronic Cigarette Explodes- Burns ……/lattice-energy-llc-electronic-cigaretteexplodes-bur…


25 Sep 2013 – Lithium-based batteries in ecigarettes can explode September 25, …. its branded ecigarette Source of text in box to left and above image: …

Electronic cigarette explodes; porn actors protest; bleach ……/collection_e757cbc9-9dd6-5…


<u>E-cigarette blamed for illness of Allenton boy, 11 – Derby ……/story.html

26 Jan 2015 – Ecigarettes are becoming more popular among adults wanting to kick … of fires, injuries and even deaths related to ecigarettes exploding. … How about ‘Stupid Allenton boy tries to copy image set by stupid smoking parent,?

E-Cigarette Explodes, Burns Boy – New Day – Blogs

25 Sep 2013 – One mother in Utah says she was charging her ecigarette when … profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the license you …

E-cigarette sales are smoking hot, set to hit $1.7 billion


28 Aug 2013 – The booming electronic cigarette market already has blasted through a key $1 billion U.S. sales … Christopher Furlong | Getty Images … But the explosive growth of the electronic devices has made even the Big Three tobacco …

VIDEO: E-cigarette charger causes fire | Staff Newsletter…/story.html

2 Jan 2015 – Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service said an increasing number of house fires are. … The couple were alerted to the fire after the ecigarette exploded, creating a loud bang which set the security alarm off … Thumbnail image …

Resident blames Tacoma house fire on exploding e ……/resident-blames-tacoma-house-fire-on-explodingecigar


11 Nov 2014 – Resident blames Tacoma house fire on exploding ecigarette; one person in critical …. Fire rips through 3 RVs at Fife dealership (PHOTOS).

Dad Mark Stockdale tells how exploding e-cigarette could ……/explodingecigarette-could-have-killed-30213…

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15 Jan 2015 – A dad who sparked a house fire after plugging his ecigarette into an iPhone charger … could have been killed after an ecigarette exploded in his children’s bedroom. …. PICTURES: Herne Bay Air Show attracts thousands. 13.

E-cigarette explodes in man’s mouth | News24…/Ecigaretteexplodes-in-mans-mouth-20120216


16 Feb 2012 – A faulty electronic cigarette has exploded in a man’s mouth taking out … the device exploded, leaving behind burned chair cushions, pictures, …

E-cigarette explodes and sparks small fire |


1 Aug 2013 – However, one metro woman says her ecigarette could have killed her after it exploded and sparked a small fire in her home. … If you see news happening, share your pictures with us by uploading them from our apps.

Device That Exploded In Man’s Mouth Probably Not An E … › Accident

29 Feb 2012 – Device That Exploded In Man’s Mouth Probably Not An ECigarette … According to, an electronic cigarette review website, the device that exploded in Holloway’s ….. You Won’t Believe Who’s In This Picture.

Man Hospitalized After His E-Cigarette Explodes (Photos)…/man-almost-loses-legs-after-ecigaretteexpl


14 Oct 2014 – Man Hospitalized After His ECigarette Explodes (Photos). 4.0 k. Tweet this article. Share this article. By Dominic Kelly, Tue, October 14, 2014.

E-Cigarettes May Not Be As Safe As You Think…/more-ecigarette-injuries_n_5165480.html


17 Apr 2014 – The health problems were not necessarily caused by ecigarettes. And it is not clear that the …. Getty Images. 1. Smoking-related … from an exploding e … Electronic cigarette explodes in man’s mouth, causes serious injuries.

Smoker hurt after e-cig explodes –…/smoker-hurt-after-ecigexplodes-30187884.html


15 Apr 2014 – Firefighters have warned of the dangers of ecigarettes 1 Firefighters have … of ecigarettes. A woman was taken to hospital suffering shock and smoke inhalation after an ecigarette exploded. …. Photo: Molloy photography …

5 Facts About E-Cigarettes – ABC News › Health

24 Sep 2013 – PHOTO: ECigarettes On The Rise. Getty Images. The electronic cigarette was invented in the 1960s, but it didn’t really take off until a decade …

Man died after e-cigarette exploded while charging – The ……/man-died-after-ecigaretteexploded-while-chargi…


8 Aug 2014 – A man has died after his ecigarette exploded, igniting a nearby oxygen tank. Picture: Phil Wilkinson. TRISTAN STEWART-ROBERTSON.

‘It was like a firework going off’ – toddler’s lucky escape as e ……/it_was_like_a_firework_going_off_toddler_s_luck…


20 Oct 2014 – They had a lucky escape when an Ecigarette exploded that was charging exploded in their Norwich home. Photo: Steve Adams. A toddler had …

Tulsa Man’s E-Cigarette Catches Fire While Charging ……/tulsa-mans-ecig-catches-fire-while-charging

7 Jun 2013 – The ecigarette craze has exploded across Oklahoma over the last two years, but exploding products may … Previous ImageEnlargeNext Image.

Warning to e-cigarette smokers after two fires caused by ……/story.html

2 Feb 2015 – There have been two fires caused by charging ecigarettes in Lincolnshire and … She said: “There have been reports of fires, injuries and even deaths relating to ecigarettes exploding and we want both … Thumbnail image …

E-Cig Explodes In Bartender’s Face – Video – eBaum’s World

8 Apr 2014

An ECigarette plugged into iPad charger explodes on the counter in front of … awesome collection of …

Fire chief: Man burned in e-cig explosion –


12 Nov 2014 – Daryl Cura demonstrates an ecigarette at Vape store in Chicago, April 23, 2014 (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File) …

Exploding e-cig causes fire at Lambeth primary school ……/exploding_e_cig_causes_fire_at_lambeth_primar…


15 Oct 2014 – The school had to be evacuated after the fire (Picture: … a warning about using the correct ecigarette chargers (Picture: Twitter/@LondonFire).

Electronic cigarette explodes, takes out man’s teeth…/electronic-cigaretteexplodes-takes-out-mans-teeth-20…

16 Feb 2012 – Electronic cigarette explodes, takes out man’s teeth … home when the device exploded, leaving behind burned chair cushions, pictures, carpet …

E-Cigarette Explosion Kills Merseyside Man | E-Cig News

8 Aug 2014 – A man has died after his ecigarette exploded into flames and ignited … How ECigarette (Chargers) Can Be Hazardous To Health (PICTURES).

Exploding E-Cigarettes Can Cause Severe Injuries | CyberEsq…/explodingecigarettes-can-cause-seve…

21 Feb 2015 – What Are ECigarettes? First patented in 2003, ecigarettes (or, “ecig,” “personal vaporizer”) are battery-powered devices that simulate tobacco …

E-Cig Explodes In Man’s Face – Quick Country

10 Feb 2015 – Getty Image. Not the actual smoker in the story. Smoking is dangerous in more ways than one.- Alan. A California man was hospitalized with …

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes…/…


2 Aug 2013 – Plunge into the world of electronic cigarettes and you could easily get confused. … See our image gallery for more user-submitted photos. ….. will and can explode when you do the wrong thing to the wrong type of battery.

Student BMJ: E-cigarettes: what’s the harm?

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3 Oct 2014 – The controversy over regulation of ecigarettes highlights a split in the medical community. … of lithium batteries in ecigarettes exploding and causing burns. … [11] To get an accurate picture of the harms we need longer term …

Real E-Cig Explosion in Office Picture – LeakForums

27 Jan 2014 – Hey guys, I just stumbled across this on Facebook, it is local so there is no chance this has been used before (probably has been reported

Lighting up: E-cigarette charger sparks car fire in AZ – CBS 5 ……/lighting-up-ecigarette-charger-sparks-car-fire-in-az

24 Apr 2013 – Photos · Entertainment … Unlike a regular cigarette, electronic cigarettes don’t use smoke to deliver the nicotine, only vapor. There’s a battery … He said they believe the lithium battery inside the electronic cigarette exploded.

Video emerges of electronic cigarette apparently exploding ……/story.html

8 Apr 2014 – VIDEO has emerged of an electronic cigarette apparently blowing up in front of a bar worker. The footage comes just … Woman woke to find bed on fire after setting ecigarette to charge … Profile image for Timbo23. Timbo23 …

E-cigarette explodes, killing smoker – The Borneo Post Online…/ecigaretteexplodes-killing-smoker…


6 Oct 2014 – It is believed that the battery of the ecigarette exploded, taking into …. Based on the photo taken, it’s not ecig but looks like a camouflaged gun …

Man says e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket – KMSP …

22 Jul 2015 – Man says ecigarette battery exploded in his pocket … coming from his pants pocket where he had an extra battery for his ecigarette. …. Send us a news tip, upload a photo or video, ask a question and give us your feedback.

Missoula County Courthouse Evacuated After E-Cig Explosion


21 Oct 2014 – An exploding ecigarette apparently put a halt in the workday of Missoula County Courthouse … Photo courtesy of Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

BS ARTICLE: E-cigarette explodes, killing smoker (actually it’s a … › … › What is in the news? › The Bad


Ecigarette explodes, killing smoker – It was bound to happen eventually. … Picture from “Two men who made ‘James Bond-style’ lethal …

Deadly Explosions Added to List of E-Cigarette Dangers


12 Aug 2014 – A man in England reported died after an explosion from an ecigarette that was being charged with the incorrect … View full size image …

Electronic cigarette explodes in man’s mouth, blows out his …


21 Feb 2012 – (NaturalNews) A Florida man trying to kick the smoking habit had his “ecigblow up in his face, thanks to a faulty lithium battery, knocking out …

Newport family’s ‘lucky escape’ after e-cig charger triggers ……/13590109.Newport_family_s__lucky_es...

12 Aug 2015 – A NEWPORT family had a “very lucky escape” after a device being used to charge an ecigarette exploded and set fire to a bedroom.

Top 10 E-Cigarette Myths Debunked | Lizard Juice Blog …


5 Mar 2014 – So you’ve been enjoying your ecigarette for a while or you’re … Myth #7: That battery can explode in your face. …. ( ice cream truck picture).

Electronic Cigarette Explodes in Florida Man’s Face Blowing Out … › Forum › Off Topic › Weird and Bizarre … HOly shit that’s a big pictures, sorry.

Another e-cig explodes, embeds itself into ceiling, sets bed on … › Forums › Miscellaneous › Off-topic Chatter

Man Injured, Bed Catches Fire After ECigarette Explodes. Wish they …. none of the pics are good enough to tell much about the red wrapper.

E-cigarettes safety warning in Lincolnshire – don’t let your ……/story.html

2 Feb 2015 – TRADING Standards, fire and public health bosses have issued a warning on the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes. … Ecigarettes link to fires prompts warning from Humberside Fire and Rescue … Thumbnail image …

Man dies from e-cigarette explosion – UK – News – London ……/…

9 Aug 2014 – A man who died after his ecigarette exploded and set fire to oxygen equipment he is believed to have been using … News pictures of the day …

Merseyside Man First Ever Death Caused by E-Cigarette …

8 Aug 2014 – 62-year-old believe to have died after charging ecigarette exploded and ignited oxygen equipment.

Should You Be Worried About Your E-Cigarette Exploding ……/ecigarettesexplode-fda-timeline


17 Apr 2014 – He also noted this was the second ecigarette explosion he’d investigated ….. Can you please do your next article (with pics and video please!) …

Man Killed After E-Cig Charging Snafu – Newser


9 Aug 2014 – Fire officials say David Thomson, 62, was charging his ecig in his bedroom when it “exploded, caught fire, and … File photo of an ecig smoker.

Exploding E-Cigs – E Cigs UK


27 May 2014 – The internet has been flooded with stories of exploding Ecigs. Pictures on Facebook show horrific pictures of people with burns and wounds.

E-Cigarette Plugged Into iPad Charger Explodes In Front Of ……/ecigarette-plugged-into-ipad-charger-explodes-i…

9 Apr 2014 – Behind a bar in England, an ecigarette exploded, covering a woman in sparks and flames. Ecigarettes are controversial, but not usually for blowing u. … iPad are there, like Internet surfing, picture watching and photo editing.

Grandma engulfed in flames while smoking e-cig: report ……/grandma-engulfed-flames-smoking-ecig-repo…

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14 Apr 2014 – The 65-year-old woman’s oxygen supply reportedly exploded at a Manchester hospital, leaving her … lenscap67/Getty Images. A 65-year-old grandmother was reportedly smoking an ecigarette while hooked up to an oxygen …

[PDF]Electronic Cigarettes – An Overview –

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The Economic and Health Benefits of Tobacco Taxation

Download (PDF, 1.5MB)

Hong Kong still plans e-cigarette ban despite new UK study claiming they’re 95% less harmful than tobacco

Emily Tsang

Vapours 95pc less harmful than tobacco, British report says, but health officials are unswayed

The local health authority is determined to press on with a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes in the city despite a recent British study suggesting their vapours are around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco, the South China Morning Post has learned.

The study by Public Health England, an agency of Britain’s Department of Health, concluded that most of the chemicals causing smoking-related diseases were absent in e-cigarettes and they should be promoted as a means to help smokers quit.

The findings contradict a 2014 report by the World Health Organisation recommending strict regulation of e-cigarettes and bans on their indoor use and sale to minors. According to the Food and Health Bureau, plans remain in place to proceed with a proposed ban on e-cigarette sales sometime this year. Health officials believe e-cigarette manufacturers target young people and market their products as trend-setting.

But Asian Vape Association, formed by five major e-cigarette companies in the city, heralded the British report as a major turning point and urged the government to consider regulating the ingredients of the vapour instead of banning their products outright. “The report proves that electronic cigarettes are indeed an effective tool for harm reduction,” said Nav Lalji, founder and chairman of the association. “We urge the Hong Kong government to advocate e-cigarettes as a safer alternative instead of completely banning them.”

According to a 2010 study, Hong Kong has one of the lowest smoking rates in the world – 11.1 per cent of people above the age of 15.

E-cigarettes can be sold legally in the city to anyone regardless of age if the product does not contain nicotine. Products containing more than 0.1 per cent of nicotine must be registered with the Department of Health.

Undersecretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee said many battery-powered vaporisers contained substances that were addictive and posed health hazards. She added that there was little evidence to show they helped reduce the consumption of tobacco.

The Jewish couple who fought Big Tobacco


US husband-and-wife legal team Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt never doubted they could achieve the impossible.

Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt. They took on Big Tobacco in the courtroom and won.. (photo credit:LAURA KELLY)

Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt. They took on Big Tobacco in the courtroom and won.. (photo credit:LAURA KELLY)

On July 14, 2000, after nearly a decade of legal proceedings – including two years of courtroom litigation – a Florida jury awarded the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Big Tobacco a staggering $145 billion in punitive damages, the highest verdict in history.

While that figure was immediately appealed and would later be set aside, and while class members seeking compensation would be instructed to file separate lawsuits, the verdict was nonetheless a breakthrough in holding Big Tobacco accountable for diseases developed and health risks acquired through smoking. Additionally, the jury found that the companies had committed fraud and had conspired to hide evidence that their products were dangerous.

These findings paved the way for how the world views smoking today – whether it’s the smoking bans on air – planes and in public spaces, accountability in advertising, or the research and medical breakthroughs spawned or funded through litigation.

But outside a Florida courthouse on a hot summer day, with news cameras crowding the steps, co-class counsel Stanley Rosenblatt extended his hand to his wife, his partner in the case. Just after their victory, Susan Rosenblatt wore a relieved and triumphant smile – and in her hand she carried a book of Psalms.

The Orthodox Jewish couple’s ninth and youngest child was only two years old when they filed Engle vs R.J. Reynolds, et al. on May 9, 1994. They admit that their work and the trial took a toll on their family, in addition to being physically and emotionally draining.

image002 (6)

“The only thing that kept our sanity was Shabbos ,” Stanley says. “Friday night, Saturday, we were with the family. If not for that, we would have been [working] seven days.”

They have been described as the “mom and pop” law firm em – broiled in a “David vs Goliath” case. Fifteen years later, in the con – ference room of The Jerusalem Post , it’s clear that for Stanley, it was as simple as the pursuit of truth and justice.

“I just felt, when you saw these guys – these CEOs from Philip Morris and Reynolds and the tobacco companies – still saying, ‘It doesn’t cause cancer, it hasn’t been proven,’ and this kind of thing, I just wanted to get them,” he says.

One can imagine him standing in the courtroom, speaking clearly, succinctly, the sole litigator for thousands of plaintiffs, pitted against a defense team of some of the most accomplished lawyers in the US.

In Jerusalem, he leans forward in his chair. “I wanted to look these guys in the eye and have them tell me, ‘It’s a coincidence.’” As for Susan, she found herself be – coming more religiously observant and spiritual over the years they were em – broiled in the trial.

“We were up against an industry with essentially unlimited resources that boasted of their ability to wear their opponents down, financially and physically,” she says. “Winning was a miracle.”

image003 (3)

Where Stanley is gruff, Susan is sweet; he speaks in short, straight-to-the- point sentences, while she elaborates with background and carefully chosen words. In their give-and-take, one can imagine that where she excels, he defers – and where he shines, she supports.

“We’re overachievers,” she offers casually as a catch-all for the couple’s achievements, individually or together. These include paving the way for the filing of thousands of individual law – suits against Big Tobacco, as well as the setup and funding of numerous centers of research into cancer and smoking- related diseases. Stanley is also an author of four books and was the host of two PBS shows, Within the Law and Israel Diary . In the latter, he interviewed such Israeli stalwarts as Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin, Chaim Herzog and Abba Eban, among others.

‘It was a setup’ Susan grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and set out on her overachieving path early, graduating from high school at the age of 12. She went on to the University of Miami, where she earned her BA in economics, finishing at 17.

After university, she went to stay with her brother for a year in Califor – nia, where she alludes to having experienced a time of freedom and experimentation.

“I saw Janis Joplin,” she offers in summary.

She began work as a legal secretary and, in – trigued by the practice, set her sights on law school. She says her only hesitation came from her belief that she was too emotional to be a courtroom lawyer, but in the end, at the age of 21, she graduated cum laude from the University of Mi – ami Law School.

image004 (1)

Stanley took a similar path, geograph – ically at least: He was born and raised in Brooklyn and then moved to Miami. He majored in political science as an undergrad at the University of Miami, graduating magnum cum laude, and also attended law school there.

Despite their similar trajectories, the two most likely would not have gotten together if it weren’t for an eager shad – chan (matchmaker).

Susan unexpectedly lost her father to an aortic aneurysm. She was a young lawyer at the time, and a colleague of hers came to the shiva to pay her respects. With the lawyer was the of smoking, but felt powerless to quit. He said he had tried to quit over 100 times; he would see patients and sneak out the back door to have a cigarette in the alley.

Similar to Rosier, this lawsuit also touched on a personal nerve. Dr. Engle was the couple’s pediatrician for eight of their nine children.

The Rosenblatts initially wanted to file a national class-action suit, but in the end resigned themselves to representing just residents of Florida – with a still-impressive 700,000 people on the case.

While Stanley prepped the witnesses and litigated in the courtroom, Susan compiled the research and arguments at the office. They worked like this constantly for months on end. Where Big Tobacco would bring – in Stanley’s words – a hotshot lawyer for two weeks to handle one witness, it was just Stan – ley and Susan handling 157 witnesses.

The two would sometimes meet their witnesses only the night before they were expected to take the stand.

“Just tell the truth, just tell your story,” Susan recalls saying during some of that crunch preparation.

When the work in the courtroom ended, the preparation for the next day began immediately at home. They were working around the clock.

“When lawyers would ask us, ‘You’ve been in trial eight, nine months, how do you do it?’ One day at a time, that’s the only way we survived,” Stanley says.

For the couple, already hard workers, the two-year Engle trial fully engrossed their lives. It was physically exhausting. Susan developed atrial fibrillation, a rapid and irregular heartbeat, and was prescribed medication for it. “That started because of the trial and the pres – sure, because you’re under constant pressure,” she says.

The lawyers had to rely on relatives to watch or entertain the children and missed out on many school activities. Susan admits that she did receive lectures from her children about how much they were working and how much they were missing out on, but having a big family was also a positive – the kids had each other.

The two bring up one particular in – stance in which they could see how the trial had a positive impact on the children and brought them together.

They were in the appeals process of Engle, in the Florida Supreme Court. While appeals are Susan’s specialty, the stress of arguing was too much for her to bear physically, and she prepped Stanley for the argument. But when a justice from the Supreme Court asked Stanley a technical question, “I had no idea what the hell the guy was talking about,” he says, “so I said, ‘I’m going to let my wife handle that.’” “Which is not a normal thing to say when you’re in front of the Supreme Court,” Susan adds.

At the time, four of the Rosenblatts’ children were in school in Israel, but they were watching the proceedings streamed online. Susan, despite her hesitation, stood up and began her argument, while across the ocean, her children cheered her on.

‘Just file a lawsuit, see where it goes’ Both Stanley and Susan hope that young lawyers are inspired to work in the public sector due to the successes of their own cases.

“So many law students are getting out of the big schools and want to work for Wall Street, and that’s a problem,” Stanley says. “Instead of going into the public sector and going against corporations that are abusing people, they are doing the opposite and they’re joining the corporations.”

While today corporations lobby Congress for legislation to protect them from verdicts like the Rosenblatts’ $145b., Susan says holding them accountable is “still doable.” She provides clear instructions: “Just file a lawsuit, see where it goes.”

Today, the Rosenblatts divide their time between Miami and Jerusalem, en – joying their nine children and 16 grand – children. Stanley serves as chairman, and Susan as one of seven trustees, of the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, established with a $300 mil – lion endowment from winning Broin.

“What we’ve done through the re – search organization,” Stanley says, is “to take basically bad money – profits made from addicting children, causing disease – and yet using that money for a good purpose. In terms of working for Wall Street and everything like that, the money’s good, but how many houses can you have? How many trips can you take, and how many expensive bottles of wine? It can’t match the satisfaction and gratification when you know you’re having a positive impact on people’s lives. Especially health, that’s the bottom line.”

He also has words of praise for the juries on their cases.

“After the two-year trial, getting the jury – who were exposed to all these tobacco lawyers, all the industry arguments – and to come back with the verdict of $145b., from the standpoint of a trial lawyer, that’s a great achievement,” he says. “You gotta compliment the jury, which basically sat there – there were some breaks, of course – but basically to sit there for two years, their lives on hold. So they also had to be public-spirited, and it was very much appreciated.

Vaping is safer than smoking, new study

By Tim Sandle Aug 20, 2015 in Health

London – The e-cigarette versus traditional tobacco smoking has edged forward with a new study concluding e-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco products.

The new evidence in favor of vaping has been provided by Public Health England, which is an agency of the U.K. government. The health organization has come down on the side of electronic cigarettes as a mechanism for weaning people away from tobacco products, including conventional cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, personal vaporizer or PV, is an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking.

Public Health England has stated that, based on the evidence accumulated to date, e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. However, the report does not state e-cigarettes are harmless. A risk remains, albeit a much lower one than with any comparable tobacco based product, with their regular use. The health agency is particularly worried that e-cigarettes are perceived in the same way as traditional cigarettes, i.e. no safer.

Other key findings from the review are:

Nearly half the population (44.8 percent) do not realize e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking; and, there is no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers.

The main findings are contained in a comprehensive 111-page document titled “E-cigarettes: an evidence update.”

The U.K. health body also proposes that e-cigarettes should become a licensed medicine (which means coming under the regulation of a medicines agency, such as MHRA in the U.K. or FDA in the U.S.). By being licensed, this would allow medical practitioners to prescribe e-cigarettes as an alternative to other anti-smoking products such as nicotine patches.

Interviewed by The Guardian, the U.K. government’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies is quoted saying it is the government’s preference that one day only licensed e-cigarettes be permitted to be sold: “I want to see these products coming to the market as licensed medicines. This would provide assurance on the safety, quality and efficacy to consumers who want to use these products as quitting aids, especially in relation to the flavorings used, which is where we know least about any inhalation risks.”

Whether this means a preference for e-cigarettes made available through pharmacies only is unclear. One reason for seeking control is because, as a separate review notes: “Under the current regulatory system individual e-cigarette products vary considerably in quality and specification.”That is, some products work better than others and some may be safer than others.

This tallies with the evidence gathered to date. Public Health England recommends that e-cigarettes are only used as a transitional means to move away from tobacco products. People, it cautions, who do not currently smoke should not begin using e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes used by former tobacco smokers should not be used for prolonged periods of time.

These additional caveats are important for a U.S. study has found that many teenagers, including those who have never smoked traditional tobacco products, have begun experimenting with e-cigarettes.

In terms of extended use, some studies suggest e-cigarette vapor contains toxic chemicals that are damaging to the body, particularly the immune system (see: Public Library of Science One “Exposure to Electronic Cigarettes Impairs Pulmonary Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Defenses in a Mouse Model.”) To add to this, care is needed about over-use leading to nicotine poisoning, especially with young people. This risk was recently highlighted in a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Public Health England report has been generally welcomed by Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECTIA), which is the trade association of e-cigarette manufacturers. In a statement, the manufacturers’ group writes: “We are pleased that the public health community have recognized that the impact of a 95 percent reduction in harm when smokers move to e-cigarettes could be revolutionary.”

The position taken by Public Health England differs to that adopted by the World Health Organization. As Digital Journal reported last year: “The World Health Organization has called on e-cigarettes to be banned from indoor public spaces. Furthermore, the United Nations Agency has said that the devices pose a risk to adolescents and the fetuses of pregnant women.”

The Public Health England review is most comprehensive published to date. While it doe snot close off the debate, it moves the discussion about the practical use and benefits of e-cigarettes to a new level.

Despite Evidence, FDA Targets E-Cigarettes With Proposed Regulations

Written by Raven Clabough

Despite evidence that electronic cigarettes are both safer for users than tobacco and also help smokers kick the habit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has launched a campaign against them. According to FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Ostroff, the FDA is looking to enact a “deeming rule” that would expand the agency’s regulation of tobacco to include e-cigarettes, which do not use tobacco. Critics contend that such an illogical decision underscores that the FDA is at the behest of lobbyists that benefit financially from tobacco and nicotine addiction.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued its proposal earlier this year for new rules on e-cigarettes, including reviewing new e-cig products before they are sold and outlawing sales of the e-cig devices to minors, as well as requiring health warning labels on the products. The public comment period for the proposed rulemaking ends on August 31.

The FDA has defended its proposal by asserting that e-cigarettes have not been properly studied, leaving consumers unaware of potential health effects related to their usage. (If only the government were so concerned about the lack of long-term studies on the genetically modified organisms it has approved for American consumption.)

The FDA’s stance on e-cigarettes got a boost of support from the Centers for Disease Control, which resorted to outright lies about e-cigarettes to convince users that they are no better than actual cigarettes. In May the CDC issued a statement, which read, “If you only cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke by adding another tobacco product, like e-cigarettes, you still face serious health risks. Smokers must quit smoking completely to fully protect their health — even a few cigarettes a day are dangerous.” (Emphasis added.) As previously mentioned, e-cigarettes are non-tobacco products.

Contrary to assertions by the CDC and the FDA, however, California Polytechnic State University professor of economics Michael Marlow asserts that e-cigarettes should be left alone, as they are valuable tools in helping smokers quit smoking. “If e-cigarettes help smokers reduce consumption of more harmful tobacco or maybe even allow them to quit cigarettes, even if e-cigarettes themselves are somewhat harmful, it still would be an overall reduction of harm,” Marlow states.

In fact, evidence shows that e-cigarettes have been the most successful tool to help smokers quit smoking. “E-cigarettes have become the greatest source of ‘creative destruction’ that we’ve seen against the tobacco industry,” Marlow claims, which may be the motivation behind the decision to regulate them. “Unfortunately, maybe it’s also a source of creative destruction for those who make a living out of tobacco control,” Marlow observed.

According to the Tobacco Control Journal, the nicotine replacement therapies that have been approved by the FDA, such as nicotine gum, have no better success rates than quitting cold turkey.

Some view the FDA’s proposed regulations against e-cigarettes as an attempt to keep competitive products off the market, as the pharmaceutical companies behind those nicotine replacement therapies benefit from smokers’ inability to quit.

Dr. Gilbert Ross, medical and executive director of the American Council on Science and Health, opines, “Some of the group’s advocating for this anti-science, anti-public health charade … are influenced by undisclosed but generous financial support from the pharmaceutical industry, which is devoted to keeping effective competition to its poorly performing nicotine replacement therapy patches, gums, and drugs off the market.”

The New York Times has reported that GlaxoSmithKline, which sells Nicorette gum, and Johnson & Johnson, which manufactures nicotine patches, have helped lead a “strong opposition” against e-cigarettes. What’s more, the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products, which headed the regulation of e-cigarettes, is led by former lobbyist Mitch Zeller, whose consulting clients included GlaxoSmithKline.

The Washington Examiner writes on the power of pharmaceutical lobbying in Washington:

No industry spends more on lobbying in the U.S. than the drug industry, and drugmakers’ agendas are often bigger government. Without the efforts of the drug lobby, for instance, Obamacare probably would have died in the summer of 2009. President George W. Bush’s single biggest expansion of government was creating the Medicare prescription drug benefit — at the behest of the drugmakers.

“The alarmist concerns raised by the drug companies are understandable,” Dr. Ross told the Washington Examiner, “because they’re rent seeking [a term that refers to seeking profit through public policy].”

And while the drug companies profit off the sale of their ineffective smoking remedies, is it too cynical to note that the federal government makes a substantial amount of money off smokers’ inability to quit?

In 2008, the New York Times reported that the federal government collected nearly $7 billion annually in cigarette excise taxes. In 2010, the number was as high as $15.5 billion, wrote the Daily Caller.

The NY Times article went on to explain how else the federal government profits from cigarette smoking:

But taxes are not the only government revenue from cigarettes. Settlements in the late 1990s to end state lawsuits against tobacco companies mean that the cigarette industry is paying states nearly $250 billion over 25 years. Under the agreement, those payments to states will continue flowing even beyond 25 years as long as the tobacco industry is healthy. But the payments would phase out as cigarette company profits decline and would ultimately disappear if people stop smoking.

So the government has become a financial stakeholder in smoking, some would argue, even as public health officials warn people about its deadly consequences. Smoking declines as cigarette taxes increase, but a core group of smokers hang on to the habit.

Stephanie Saul, who wrote the Times article, was compelled to ask, “Would politicians shut down an industry that supplies so much money?”

In other words, who else stands to lose from the impact that e-cigarettes can have on the tobacco industry?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, health officials are touting the benefits of e-cigarettes. This week, Public Health England has announced that vaping is safer than smoking and could lead to the destruction of the traditional cigarette.

The Guardian reports, “The health body concluded that, on ‘the best estimate so far’, e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and could one day be dispensed as a licensed medicine in an alternative to anti-smoking products such as patches.”

A 111-page expert independent evidence review found “no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers,” a finding that directly contradicts a study by the University of California that found that adolescents who used the devices were more likely to smoke cigarettes.

“My reading of the evidence is that smokers who switch to vaping remove almost all the risks smoking poses to their health,” said Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University, who co-authored the report with Professor Ann McNeill of King’s College London.

Maybe the FDA has not yet gotten the memo.

Australian teens leading charge in eschewing drinking and smoking

Young people are waiting until nearly 16 to try their first cigarette and delaying first drink by nearly a year compared with 1998 figures, study shows

It was not until Fairfax Media reported the lawyer had appealed against the decision to Victoria’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal, that the council became aware the lawyer was an employee of the tobacco giant, Harper said.

“We had no idea that British American Tobacco was behind the request,” he said. “All we knew was it was an individual from a law firm who wanted the data. I’m disappointed that the tobacco company wasn’t upfront about its involvement.”

Harper said the council was concerned that, once made public, the data could be used by tobacco and alcohol companies to gain insight into the buying and drug consumption habits of young people, as well as the types of brands that appealed to them.

The data is used by the Cancer Council to help it understand where and how to direct publishing health messaging, as well as for scientific studies. When parents consented to their children completing the survey, the did so believing the data would be used only in the interest of public health, Harper said.

Fairfax Media also revealed that the same lawyer used the Freedom of Information Act to get information from surveys of adult smokers in that state, which included questions about their attitudes toward smoking.

“The Cancer Institute NSW was compelled to provide tobacco survey data requested under the NSW Government Information [Public access] Act,” its chief cancer officer, David Currow, told Fairfax.

A spokeswoman for British American Tobacco told Guardian Australia the Victorian data request “wasn’t about children”.

“This is about plain packaging,” she said. “We did not seek any personal data or information in respect of children. We’ve asked for figures via a normal freedom of information request because we want to find out if plain packaging, a measure introduced without evidence and that directly affects our industry, is having the impact the Australian government claims it is.”

The assistant health minister, Fiona Nash, said the government would not back away from plain packaging regardless of tactics by tobacco companies to discredit it.

“If tobacco companies are obtaining research on young people through state FOI legislation to increase their sales to children, then I am appalled,” she said.

In a world first, Australia passed plain packaging legislation in 2011, requiring all cigarette packaging to be stripped of advertising and branding, apart from the company name and health warnings. All tobacco now comes in olive green cardboard containers with graphic health messages.

In a series of papers published by the Cancer Council in the BMJ journal Tobacco Control in March, plain packaging was associated with an increase in the number of people thinking about quitting and trying to quit. The research also found children aged between 12 and 17 found standardised packaging less appealing.

An appeal date for the freedom of information request is yet to be set.

Cancer Council unaware tobacco giant behind FOI request on child smoking habits

British American Tobacco criticised in Australia for not being ‘upfront about its involvement’ in freedom of information request for survey data

Melissa Davey

Cancer Council Victoria says it had no idea a British American Tobacco worker was behind a freedom of information request for data on the tobacco use and buying habits of thousands of school children.

For the past 30 years, the council has surveyed children aged between 12 and 17 about their age, gender and location, access to money, alcohol and tobacco consumption and buying habits, and preferred brands.

The director of the Victorian Cancer Council, Todd Harper, said a lawyer had requested the survey data under the Freedom of Information Act, but the request was rejected because it was not in the public interest to release it.

Big tobacco firms come late to the vaping party

by Aaron Payne

IMPERIAL Tobacco yesterday an­nounced increased market share and revenue from its growth brands, with revenues steady across the business.

The firm’s report did not reveal what impact, if any, had been made by its $27bn (£17.5bn) purchase of e-cigarette brands from Reynolds American.

E-cigarettes made headlines yesterday as a government-commissioned report by Public Health England (PHE) de­clared e-cigarettes to be up to 95 per cent safer than traditional, or “combustible”, cigarettes.

Big tobacco manufacturers like Imperial are turning an increasing amount of attention to e-cigarettes.

As government regulation and taxation grow more aggressive in the face of campaigns for improved public health, the so-called vaping products offer a new market and the chance of serious growth.

But different approaches by governments are putting a veil of smoke in front of the real commercial prospects for e-cigarettes.

According to Shane MacGuill, senior tobacco analyst at Euromonitor, for big tobacco companies, “everything about this is uncertain”.

India is planning an outright ban on e-cigarettes, while in Europe, Portugal and Italy have introduced a tax on e-liquids which has hit sales.

But reports such as PHE’s could un­der­mine calls for more taxation of e-cigarettes due to public health worries. At present, tobacco giants have a small share of the e-cigarette market, for two main reasons. First, big tobacco came to the e-cigarette market late, and second, they are yet to seriously develop and market the type of vaping products consumers prefer.

Rather than “closed-system” variants that retain the look of traditional cigarettes, vapers are far more likely to use the boxier, metallic “tank-system” products.

The closed-system type offers tobacco companies greater influence on consumers, as they will not be able to switch between different vapour brands as they do now.

Some analysts believe a forthcoming EU report into vaping could shift the market in favour of closed-system products, due in part to child safety requirements.

Expansion into the e-cigarette market is definitely a long game for tobacco manufacturers, as most revenue available to cigarette companies is still heavily biased towards traditional tobacco products.

John Fell, a former equity adviser on tobacco and beverages, said: “Unless the market was to double and double and double again very, very rapidly the revenue pool is just not going to be a big enough size to impact [tobacco manufacturers’] profitability in the next few years.

“It will take time, patience and investment. But that doesn’t mean it’s not critical for them to keep developing products and investing.”

Analysts are divided as to the regions that will become major targets for growth.

Some believe that it makes long-term sense for manufacturers to target e-cigarettes in developed countries where smoking is becoming “de-normalised”, while countries where health awareness is less prevalent will remain receptive to growth in traditional products.

Fell disagrees. “It’s naive to assume that smokers in development markets aren’t going to want a similar choice of experience [to those in developed countries],” he said.

While not commenting on the role e-cigarettes are playing for her company so far, Alison Cooper, chief executive of Imperial, said: “This has been another good quarter, building on the progress we made in the first half.

“We are on track to deliver against full year expectations and to create further sustainable value for our shareholders.”

Shares in Imp­erial closed 0.49 per cent down, at 3,224p.

State Senate panel approves package of six anti-tobacco bills

Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times

A Senate panel on Wednesday approved a package of six anti-tobacco bills, including measures raising the smoking age to 21 and barring the use of electronic cigarettes in public places such as restaurants where smoking is banned.

Both the age increase and e-cigarette bills had stalled in the Legislature, but were revived for a special session on healthcare and approved by a new Senate Committee on Public Health and Developmental Services. Republicans did not vote for any of the bills in the package.

Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) proposed the measure that would designate e-cigarettes or vaping devices as tobacco products subject to the same restrictions on public use as traditional, combustible cigarettes.

“The fastest growing market segment of this very quickly growing industry is made up of children of middle- and high-school ages,” Leno told the committee. “Students who have never smoked a traditional cigarette are using e-cigarettes.”

The bill also allows sting operations to catch retailers who sell vaping devices to minors and requires child-resistant packaging. “It will definitely protect the next generation,” he said.

The measure was opposed by the Smoke Free Alternative Trade Assn. as an attack on a product that it says has helped some smokers quite traditional cigarettes.

The bill would “stymie a growing industry,” said the association’s Michael Mullins.

The measure does not itself contain a tax, but Kari Hess, co-owner of Nor Cal Vape in Redding, said the legislation will lead to taxing the industry.

“This bill will make vapor products cost prohibitive and I may be forced to close my doors,” Hess told the panel.

The bill raising the age to legally buy cigarettes from 18 to 21 was introduced by Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), who said it will significantly reduce the number of young people who take up smoking and result in significantly lower health costs.

“It should not be so easy for our children to get ahold of this deadly drug,” Hernandez told the panel.

Opponents, including Pete Conaty, a lobbyist for veterans groups, argued that if residents are old enough to join the military and fight in wars at 18, they ought to be able to decide whether to smoke.

Other bills approved by the committee and sent to a Senate finance panel for consideration would:

Require all schools, including a growing number of charter schools, to be designated as smoke free.

Close loopholes in smoke-free workplace laws, extending them to hotel lobbies, small businesses, break rooms and warehouses.

Allow county voters to tax tobacco distributors.