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June 19th, 2008:

9,851 Summonses For Smoking

19th June 2008 – SCMP

The number of summonses for breaching the smoking ban from January last year to this May was 9,851, with 6,687 issued by the Tobacco Control Office and 3,164 by the police. The ban covers some designated outdoor areas and all indoor public spaces, and offenders face a HK$1,500 fine.

Smoking Ban Near Entrances Of State Buildings

By WWAY – Created 19 Jun 2008

The state senate wants to tighten tobacco restrictions on state owned property.

The senate has approved bills that ban smoking within 25 feet of entrances to state buildings.

Here in Wilmington, UNCW’s campus is one of the largest state properties.

Administrators already implemented the more restrictive policy earlier this month.

Some students told NewsChannel Three today that it is for the best.

Junior Jill Murtaugh said, “It’s nice to go to residence halls and not have to walk through smoke to get through the door. So I really like the fact that they put this new rule in place.”

A recent university survey indicated that 88 percent of UNCW students don’t smoke daily.

Students who smoke called the new rules inconvenient.