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June 8th, 2008:

No Buts About Tobacco Ban In Restaurants

Updated on Jun 08, 2008 – SCMP

I read about the dismay of the Wan Chai Business Association about how some members’ bars and restaurants were being forced by the Tobacco Control Office to provide clean air to their staff (“Fuming bar owners to unite after losing smoking exemption”, June 1). I took immediate action to ease their pain.

As a public service and to create a level playing field, I have checked the relevant websites, identified 72 “bars” in Hong Kong that have a smoking exemption – yet hold a general restaurant license. I have requested that Tobacco Control pull their exemption. I even found one smoking nightclub that holds a full restaurant licence.

If Noel Smyth can, with a straight face, point to the licence on the front door of his shop that states boldly that Delaney’s is a restaurant, and then say it is not a restaurant – then he should be doing stand-up comedy.

Annelise Connell, Stanley