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Excise Tax and Illicit Trade Issues Workshop

On 28-29 September, at the invitation of the Mexican Revenue Authority (SAT), ITIC delivered a two-day workshop on excise tax and illicit trade issues for more than 50 officials from the SAT and the Mexican Finance Ministry, similar to offerings ITIC has developed for the WCO Knowledge Academy in Brussels. The workshop covered excise policy theory, excise administration and enforcement, risk-based compliance management, stakeholder engagement/partnerships, and illegal trade in spirits beverages and tobacco products.

The workshop was led by ITIC Program Advisor Liz Allen, who also delivered a presentation on change management theories and practical experience. Representatives from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Interpol led discussions on international partnerships between Revenue/Customs authorities in tackling global illegal trade and capacity building on legal tools and legislative drafting.

Feedback from the Mexican Finance Ministry and SAT was very positive, with many senior officials commenting on the quality of the information and exchanges and the professional development benefits derived.

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