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Wisconsin Increases Tobacco Tax for 2008

Posted: 4:37 PM Dec 29, 2007 Last Updated: 4:37 PM Dec 29, 2007 Reporter: Amy Pflugshaupt
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One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions People make is to quit smoking and this just might be the year that many tobacco users in Wisconsin keep their resolutions.

On January 1st, Wisconsin will raise the tax on all tobacco sales. The US dollar-per-pack increase means Wisconsin smokers will now pay US$1.77 in taxes on every pack of cigarettes. It’s the 12th highest tobacco tax in the nation and it has many tobacco users saying enough is enough.

Local stores are saying many people are coming in and buying several cartons before the increase takes effect.

The campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids predicts the higher tax will stop nearly 66,000 Wisconsin children from starting smoking, and it will help more than 33,000 smokers quit. The campaign estimates the state will save about US$ 1.5 billion in long-term smoking-related health care expenses.

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