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Macau Support for Tobacco Control

High support for tightening restrictions on tobacco: survey

Saturday, 12 January 2008 – Macau Daily Times

A survey showed that 44.8 percent of the Macau people endorsed a stricter control on tobacco, according to a survey released by the yesterday.

The survey, launched by Macau’s Department of Health, consulted public opinions on the SAR government’s proposed revision of tobacco control laws, including increase of tobacco tax, expansion of no-smoking area, regulations of tobacco advertisements and sales.

Among the proposed regulations, 76.8 percent of the people support the expansion of no-smoking area in the island city of 528, 000 residents, according to the survey.

Feedback from the surveyed also suggested that the government should establish a tobacco supervising office to step up its control over tobacco, and ban smoking in casinos and world heritage sites.

Meanwhile, the survey also indicated that tobacco dealers, souvenir retailers and some restaurant owners were partly or fully against the proposed regulations on tobacco.

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