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Chinese anti-smoking inspectors ‘barred’ from centre run by government tobacco monopoly


An anti-tobacco promotional event held at the National Stadium in Beijing in May, just before a widespread ban on smoking in public places was introduced. Photo: Xinhua

beijing-anti-tobaccoThree anti-smoking inspectors were barred from entering a training centre in China run by the government body that controls the tobacco industry, according to a news website report.

Inspectors had found on a previous visit that the centre in Beijing had broken an indoor smoking ban in public places introduced in the capital in June and also regulations on tobacco advertising, reported.

The inspectors were kept out of the building managed by the China National Tobacco Corporation for two hours in a stand-off with its staff, according to the report.

The anti-smoking team was told that signs in the building that appeared to be promoting a brand of cigarettes called Zhonghua were for a brand of toothpaste with the same name.

The inspectors said the aim off the centre’s staff was to humiliate them and stop them carrying out further checks, the report said.

The health inspection authority in Beijing is investigating the allegations.

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