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How seeing just 10 tobacco adverts can boost risk of teenagers

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Daily Mail21 Jun 2013

Seeing 10 adverts for tobacco can increase teenagers’ risk of taking up smoking by almost 40 per cent, a new study has today claimed.


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3. Pakistan Observer19 hours ago

4. Georgia offers web and phone rehab for tobacco users

5. Rome News Tribune21 Jun 2013

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Hungarians fume over revealing tobacco scandal

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台北時報45 minutes ago

Originally, last year, the slashing of the number of outlets allowed to sell tobacco products from 42,000 — including gas stations and 



Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke Damages Human Cells

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Environment News Service21 hours ago

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines, some of the chemical compounds in thirdhand smoke, are among the most potent carcinogens there are,”

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