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HK Driver Arrested for Smuggling 11 Mln HKD Goods

2013-04-19 23:43:22 Xinhua Web Editor: Wang Wei

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department said Friday that customs officers have arrested a 55-year-old truck driver at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point for importing unmanifested cargo worth 11 million HK dollars (1.42 million U.S. dollars).

It is the largest smuggling case at land boundary control points in last two years.

Officers stopped his lorry on Thursday morning, which was declared to be carrying connectors, clothing and wires.

Officers found 331 cartons of unmanifested goods in the lorry, including 60,000 sets of electronic cigarettes and cartridges, 15, 000 tablets and 10,000 boxes of suspected virility drugs and health products.

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