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Fifty years since smoking and health

… 50 years since the publication of the landmark report Smoking and health in 1962. Edited by Professor John Britton, chair of the … previous achievements in tobacco control and the future of smoking in Britain; how to prevent smoking; how to help smokers who want to …

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Passive smoking ban will cut smoking in the home

… by the Royal College of Physicians shows that a ban on smoking in enclosed public places is likely to reduce the amount of smoking in the home. The report, written by international experts and …

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Over 78,500 children have started smoking since consultation on standardised tobacco packaging ended

… it is estimated that 78,500 children will have started smoking in the UK, a number which grows by 430 every day. Now the Smokefree … clock is ticking. Every day hundreds more children take up smoking – children who need protecting from tobacco industry marketing. The …

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Passive smoking and children

… ‘Protecting children is a health priority. Adult smoking behaviour must radically change to achieve that. This report identifies … by Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer) Passive smoking is a major hazard to the health of millions of children who live with …

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RCP comments on calls to ban smoking in vehicles

Commenting on the BMA’s review of evidence on passive smoking in vehicles, professor John Britton, chair of the Royal College of … (RCP) Tobacco Advisory Group, said: ‘Passive smoking is still a real issue, particularly in children and the vulnerable. …

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One hundred million years of life will be lost by those smoking now

… since the publication in 1962 of its first ever report on smokingSmoking and health , the Royal College of Physicians sets out a stark warning …

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Ending tobacco smoking in Britain

… SKU: PUB15111000(001) Preventing people from starting smoking, and helping smokers to stop smoking are crucial if the massive burden of premature death and disability …

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Despite falling death rates, we must not be complacent about smoking

… of Oxford, will say that despite falling death rates from smoking in the UK, we must not be complacent about current smoking rates and continue to press home the message ‘Smoking kills– …

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Smoking and health (1962)

… A report of the Royal College of Physicians on smoking in relation to cancer of the lung and other diseases … This report highlighted the link between smoking and lung cancer, other lung diseases, heart disease and … it made a strong epidemiological case for the harm done by smoking. It called on government to implement a raft of public health measures …

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Smoking and the young

… 000 (003) The harmful effects to health caused by smoking are well known, and its prevalence in the adult population of the UK is … for children, where in the last decade the prevalence of smoking remained the same – and even increased slightly for girls. This …

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