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Cigarette packaging – The answer is plain

Help us follow Australia’s lead

Australia recently switched to plain design removing all logos and branding from cigarette packs. This makes cigarettes less appealing and will help protect today’s Australian children from becoming tomorrow’s smokers. It’s a practical step that will make a real difference.

You can help us bring forward the day when British children get the same protection.

Send a quick email to your MP today, asking them to throw their weight behind the campaign and make sure the new Health Secretary knows why it’s so important.

Why should I act?

Right now, the Government is considering the responses to its consultation on cigarette packaging.

We need to raise the pressure and we have no time to lose. Every year 157,000 11-15 year olds take up smoking. Plain packaging closes the advertising loophole tobacco companies exploit to market a deadly product in attractive packaging.

We want Parliament to vote on plain packs so every MP will be crucial to actually making it happen. Your MP needs to know you want to count on their full support.

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