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Plain pack news

“We take some relief that the (worst) case – mandatory plain packaging – wasn’t proposed,” stated a Morgan Stanley analyst.”

Sandbach MP backs campaign for plain cigarette packaging

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Crewe Chronicle-19 Dec 2012

More than 1,000 Cheshire East residents have also signed up to the Plain Packs Protect campaign, which demands the end of glitzy cigarette

TopNews United States

Bill seeks plain packs for tobacco in India

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Times of India-5 Dec 2012

Australia in a landmark move passed legislation on plain packaging that Plain packaging amplifies the effects of pictorial health warnings

Scunthorpe MP: Sell cigarettes in plain packaging

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ITV News-5 Dec 2012

has called on the Government to “follow the lead of their Australian counterparts” and force companies to sell cigarettes in plain packaging

WHO welcomes landmark decision from Australia’s High Court on tobacco plain packaging act

28/11/2012 20:16:00

Updated statement by WHO Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan

The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly welcomes the landmark decision from Australia’s High Court to dismiss a legal challenge from the tobacco industry, and calls on the rest of the world to follow Australia’s tough stance on tobacco marketing.

Several major tobacco companies challenged Australia’s legislation to require cigarettes and other tobacco products to be sold in plain packaging. But the industry’s attempt to derail this effective tobacco control measure failed. As of December 2012, Australia will be the first country to sell cigarettes in drab, olive-green packaging.

With Australia’s victory, public health enters a brave new world of tobacco control. Plain packaging is a highly effective way to counter industry’s ruthless marketing tactics. It is also fully in line with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The lawsuits filed by Big Tobacco look like the death throes of a desperate industry. With so many countries lined up to ride on Australia’s coattails, what we hope to see is a domino effect for the good of public health.

The case is being watched closely by several other countries who are considering similar measures to help fight tobacco.

The evidence on the positive health impact of plain packaging compiled by Australia’s High Court will benefit other countries in their efforts to develop and implement strong tobacco control measures to protect the health of their people and to stand resolute against the advances of the tobacco industry.

Tobacco use is one of the most preventable public health threats. Tobacco products will eventually kill up to half of the people who use them – that means nearly six million people die each year. If governments do not take strong action to limit exposures to tobacco, by 2030 it could kill more than eight million people each year.

The WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control entered into force in 2005. Parties are obliged over time to take a number of steps to reduce demand and supply for tobacco products including: protecting people from exposure to tobacco smoke, counteracting illicit trade, banning advertising, promotion and sponsorship, banning sales to minors, putting large health warnings on packages of tobacco, increasing tobacco taxes and creating a national coordinating mechanism for tobacco control. More than 170 countries are Parties to the Convention.

For further information, please contact:

Glenn Thomas
Communications Officer
Telephone: +41 22 791 3983
Mobile: +41 79 509 0677

Plain cigarette packs would cut Plymouth’s 1362 child smokers

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This is Plymouth-4 Dec 2012

Plain packaging on cigarettes could cut the number of children Australia became the first country to legislate the plain packaging and

Ellesmere Port and Neston MP Andrew Miller calls for plain cigarette

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Ellesmere Port Pioneer-5 Dec 2012

Health charities in the UK want the Government here to introduce similar legislation as research has shown plain packaging would reduce

Plain tobacco packaging ‘vital to discourage children’

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Daily Echo-12 Dec 2012

SOUTHAMPTON MP Alan Whitehead is calling for the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco.

Pretty packets like silent salesmen to teens

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Blackpool Gazette-10 Dec 2012

“The introduction of plain, standardised packaging would mean a victory for our children’s health and a defeat for the tobacco industry

Govt urged to introduce plain cig packs

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Irish Health-4 Dec 2012

Ash Ireland has urged the Irish Government to take the lead of its Australian counterpart and introduce plain packaging on cigarettes

BJD MP to table Bill on plain pack of tobacco

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The Asian Age-26 Nov 2012

Plain packaging legislation seeks to remove extraneous colours, embossing and misleading elements on tobacco packs, thus eliminating

EU to outlaw cigarette packet branding by ‘the back door’

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under the EU’s single market rules to go further by copying an Australian law imposing plain packaging, which completely removes branding

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