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The cigarette pack as image: new evidence from tobacco industry documents

The ‘Silent Salesman’ is now dead in Australia with the new generic packaging laws in effect.

The domino will spread worldwide.

Meanwhile WHO COP5 meeting unanimously upheld the anti smuggling protocol that will remove 1/3 of the tobacco companies current profits from ‘General Cargo’ and ‘DNP (duty not paid) aka smuggling of their products.

The tobacco companies are diversifying into Snus to compensate and are moving into 3rd world countries to addict youth to support their unethical profit levels.

Unethical investment vehicles should be derailed.

The public pays in the death of loved ones and the costs of treatment for the ravages of tobacco forced on Governments by this despicable industry.

Download PDF : Tob Control-2002-Wakefield-i73-80

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