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‘Maternal exposure to tobacco smoke is known to have deleterious effects on the developing fetus, but it has

only recently been shown that there may be life-long consequences due to genotoxic damage. Analysis of newborn cord

bloods with the GPA somatic mutation assay demonstrates a significant effect of maternal active smoking and suggests

that similar mutational induction occurs in mothers who experience only secondary exposure to environmental tobacco

smoke (ETS).’

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Download PDF : Maternal-active-and-passive-smoking-effects-on-fetal-health[1]

1.    Passive smoking by pregnant women and fetal growth. › … › v.45(2); Jun 1991Similar

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by H Ogawa – 1991 – Cited by 53Related articles
Passive smoking by pregnant women and fetal growth. H Ogawa, S Tominaga, K Hori, K Noguchi, I Kanou, and M Matsubara. Division of Epidemiology, Aichi

2.    The fetus as a passive smoker. › … › Can Fam Physicianv.42; Jul 1996

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by G Koren – 1996 – Related articles
The fetus as a passive smoker. G. Koren. University of Toronto. Full text. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy

3.    BBC – Health: Passive smoking in pregnancy…/pregnancy_passive_smoking.shtmlCachedSimilar

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Once your baby is born passive smoking increases the risk of: sudden infant death syndrome (cot death); poor lung function and respiratory problems, including

4.    BBC News – Passive smoking increases stillbirth risk, says study

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11 Mar 2011 – It is very important that men quit smoking before trying for a baby.” Passive smoking risk in flats 13 DECEMBER 2010, HEALTH; Passive

5.    Secondhand Smoke May Harm Fetus Like Smoking…/secondhand-smoke-may-harm-fetuCachedSimilar

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27 Jul 2005 – Secondhand Smoke May Harm Fetus Like Smoking. Study Shows Passive Smoking Just as Risky as Smoking by Pregnant Women. WebMD

6.    BMC Public Health | Full text | Passive smoking in babies: The BIBE

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by G Ortega – 2010 – Cited by 1Related articles
There is evidence that exposure to passive smoking in general, and in babies in A hair sample of the baby will be taken at the beginning of the study and at six

7.    Passive smoking | Better Health Channel…nsf/…/Passive_smokingCached

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Both smoking and passive smoking can seriously affect the developing fetus. Health risks for mothers who smoke during pregnancy include: Increased risk of

8.     [PDF]

The dangers of passive smoking – Department of Health and Ageing…/tobcfacts_passive.pdfSimilar

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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
How does passive smoking affect children? Even before it is born, a developing baby can be affected by environmental tobacco smoke if the mother smokes or if

9.    Publication – Passive smoking and children

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30+ items – Passive smoking and children. A report of the Tobacco Advisory

Local adult neurology services for the next decade Publication date: May-2011
Medical rehabilitation in 2011 and beyond Publication date: Nov-2010

Passive smoking and children – Royal College of Physicians…/Preface-to-passivesmoking-and-children-Ma…

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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
demonstrate modest impacts of maternal passive smoking on birth weight, and possibly on fetal and perinatal mortality, and the risk of congenital abnormali- ties.

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