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Tougher tobacco laws being drafted

A tobacco watchdog is preparing a new tobacco control law that will lift the legal age for buying cigarettes from 18 to 20, while sellers must be over 18.

Dr Lakkana Termsirichaikul, of Mahidol University’s faculty of public health, on Monday revealed details of the proposed legislation at a press conference dubbed “Stop Using Children to Sell Cigarettes”.

She said the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Centre (TRC) was busy drafting the new law on tobacco consumption control to replace the current one which was brought in 20 years ago.

A study showed the number of smokers aged between 15-18 in the past 10 years had risen from 6.44% to 9.2% with the youngest smokers reported at the age of 6.

The new law would be aimed at protecting juveniles. About 300,00 of them became new daily smokers each year, Dr Lakkana added.

Besides raising the minimum age for buying and selling cigarettes, the significant changes to the law include:

– Those allowing minors to sell tobacco products will face a maximum one-year prison sentence and a fine of 20,000 baht.

– Banning the sale of cigarettes on the internet and closing websites associated with it.

– Banning the sale of packets containing less than 20 cigarettes and selling cigarettes individually.

– Prohibit sales promotions by tobacco companies and displaying any form of advertising and prices of cigarettes at a point-of-sale.

– State-run academic institutes must not receive financial support offered by tobacco firms, nor disseminate or promote their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

The draft legislation had been approved by referendums carried out in four regions of the country. The TRC was waiting for conclusions from academics and would forward the bill to the cabinet for scrutiny, Dr Lakkana said.

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