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Clear The Air: Cost of Tobacco In Hong Kong

Clear the Air says:

There is a misconception in Hong Kong that the Government wants people to continue to smoke so they can receive billions in excise tax dollars on tobacco products.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2007 Hong Kong Government collected 2.834 billion in tobacco tax. Meanwhile the cost to society for health care and lost productivity was HK$ 5.366 billion.

Adding the cost of lives lost attributable to tobacco related diseases the annual cost to Hong Kong society is HK$ 73.32 billion of which HK$ 16.86 billion is attributable to the costs of passive smoking.

To save lives and health care costs the Administration mandates selt belts in vehicles, crash helmts for motorcyles and scooters, safety boots , harnesses and helmets for construction sites and non smoking workplaces for our protection.

Tobacco Excise duty : Year 2007 sales in ()


For each 1 000 cigarettes

HK$804 (3495.73 million)



HK$1035/kg (20,254 kg)


Chinese prepared tobacco

HK$197/kg (4,014 kg)


All other manufactured tobacco except tobacco intended for the manufacture of cigarettes

HK$974  (1,818 kg)

Excise Tax received (HK$)

a) 2,810,566,920

b) 20,962,890

c) 790,758

d) 1,770,732

Total excise duty received in 2007 by HK Government

HK$ 2,834,091,300

Tobacco Control 2006;15:125-130; doi:10.1136/tc.2005.013292
Copyright © 2006 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.


Cost of tobacco-related diseases, including passive smoking, in Hong Kong

Actual cost of smoking to Hong Kong Society (at 1998 rates) versus excise tax collected

In the Hong Kong population of 6.5 million in 1998, the annual value of direct medical costs, long term care and productivity loss was US$532 million (HK$ 4.1496 billion) for active smoking and US$156 million (HK$ 1.2168 billion) for passive smoking; passive smoking accounted for 23% of the total costs. (HK$ 5.3664 billion) Adding the value of attributable lives lost brought the annual cost to US$9.4 billion. (HK$ 73.32 billion)

Cost of passive smoking including value (23%) of attributable lives per year HK$ 16.8636 billion.

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