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38m contraband cigarettes seized

Description: Contraband cigarettes worth almost 15 million euro have been found in Dublin Port

Contraband cigarettes worth almost 15 million euro have been found in Dublin Port

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More than 38 million contraband cigarettes worth almost 15 million euro have been seized by Customs officials.

The haul – the largest in Europe so far this year – was discovered in four 40ft (12m) maritime containers imported into Dublin Port.

A premises was also searched after legal documentation linked the consignment with an Irish-based company. No arrests have been made.

Revenue Commissioner Liam Irwin said the seizure, which was the result of profiling by the Revenue’s Customs Service, was a significant blow to the criminals involved in the illicit trade.

“Tobacco smuggling is organised fraud on a global scale – it brings criminality into our communities and robs millions of euro from the State each year,” he said.

The Golden Eagiie brand cigarettes, which originated in Vietnam, arrived in Ireland via Rotterdam specifically for the black market. Revenue officials believe the haul had a potential loss to the Exchequer of 13.1 million euro.

A Customs spokeswoman said several individuals were interviewed and a premises was searched under warrant after it had been identified in the documentation.

“Documents seized as part of the investigation are currently being examined,” she said. “Investigations are ongoing nationally and internationally.”

Retailers Against Smuggling said the seizure highlights the scale of the smuggling problem.

Spokesman Benny Gilsenan said: “We have been calling on the Government for some time to introduce a minimum fine for cigarette smugglers. Our message is clear: it is time to get tough with these criminals and impose heavier fines.”

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