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Should The Ban on Smoking in Bars be Delayed?

SCMP – Updated on Dec 09, 2008

Jeffrey Tam Chun-kit, chairman of the Hong Kong Bars and Karaoke Rights Advocacy (Talkback, November 29), argued that if the ban was imposed, the businesses of the bars and other entertainment venues would be hurt.

I disagree.

If a ban were imposed, would smokers stop going to bars and just stay at home? I do not think so.

I have been living for a while in Britain and I find that I enjoy myself more in bars and nightclubs now because smoking is banned in all indoor areas. I do not have to inhale second-hand smoke any longer.

Have those bar owners wanting the ban delayed ever considered the possibility that a ban would attract more non-smoking customers?

It is important for the government to make the Tobacco Control Office more effective.

If the office cannot perform its role properly, there will not be a level playing field for bars. Smokers will simply move to bars that are located upstairs, because they are seldom checked.

I do not see any advantage in delaying the ban.

Karina Ng, Durham

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