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Government of Canada Legislation

Clear the Air says: the cost of treatment for tobacco related diseases in Hong Kong in 1998 was calculated as HKD 5.3 billion per year (University of HK Dept of Community Medicine report). Now in 2012 that cost will be far higher.

Clear the Air queries why this seemingly tycoon friendly Hong Kong Administration has failed to emulate USA and now Canada to sue the tobacco companies for the substantial costs of medical treatment of tobacco related diseases.

Meanwhile the Canadian Province of Alberta has divested from tobacco stocks’ investments with others expected to follow.

The Governments of Norway and New Zealand have already divested from tobacco investments.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is in the process of like divestment also, having realised it is unethical, contrary to the FCTC Treaty

binding Hong Kong SAR and a poor long term investment which can only profit from the death and suffering of its citizens.

We trust the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund will soon follow suit.

89% of Hong Kong people do not smoke and would not tolerate third parties investing their contributions in tobacco stocks whilst these lurid despicable companies will always continue to addict Hong Kong youth in the search for profits and replacement smokers.

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