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Mountain View City Council approves stringent smoking ban


Some Mountain View bar and restaurant owners tried to challenge a proposed new smoking law Tuesday night. They arrived at City Hall armed with a petition signed by 1,000 people.

The Mountain View City Council still voted 4-3 to ban smoking within 25 feet of outdoor patios and windows and doorways of work places.

Some smokers in a patio of the Mollie Mcgees Bar on Castro Street were trying to be sensitive to the concerns of non-smokers.

“We’ll all have to be outside in a parking lot or have to be walking up and down Castro Street smoking. None of us wants to do that, because we’re aware that smoking bothers some people,” said James Neal of Mountain View.

The John Akkiaya, the owner of Don Giovanni Restaurant located next to the bar, said he’s all for the ban.

“The people they see no smoking in the bar or the patio and they say ‘The hell with it. Let’s quit.’ And I hope a lot of people quit smoking because of that,” said Akkiaya.

At City Hall, about 20 people spoke their mind about the smoking ban. Both sides said it was a matter of individual rights.

“Everybody agrees second hand smoke is bad. I don’t think you will find anyone here who will disagree with that,” argued bar owner Rob Graham. “But the infringement of our rights as business owners and property owners, you’re creating this precedent.”

“I also have rights and I have the right to not have my life shortened by people who are using their rights,” countered Mountain View Judy Gordon.

The smoking ban will go in effect in 90 days and is essentially focused downtown Castro Street. Only people walking down the street and not stopping will be allowed to smoke.

Opponents said they will try to take this issue to the voters.

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