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Labor targets the Opposition over tobacco donations – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Labor targets the Opposition over tobacco donations

Posted February 06, 2012 06:26:06

The Labor party in Tasmania is stepping up its campaign against the Liberal
party for accepting donations from tobacco companies.

Last week the Australian Electoral Commission released a list of donations
to Tasmania’s political parties, which showed the state Liberals received
about A$38,000 in donations from two big tobacco companies.

Labor’s state secretary, John Dowling says it’s re-released the Liberal
party’s “vision for the future” TV commercial on the internet with a health
warning about tobacco.

“The Liberal party has received tens of thousands of dollars from big
tobacco, they’ve received tens of thousands of dollars from other sources,”
he said.

“They should simply not be taking donations from tobacco companies.”

The Opposition Leader, Will Hodgman, has denied any link between political
donations and policy.

The state director of the Liberal party, Sam McQuestin, is not impressed by
Labor’s altering of the television commercial.

“This is a pathetic attack by Labor demonstrating just how desperate and
panicked they have become,” he said.

“I suggest Labor start focussing more on trying to run the state properly
and less on us.”

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