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Philip Morris says There is No Safe Cigarette

This admission of the fact that there is no safe cigarette based on brand descriptors is published on the Philip Morris USA website here:

Smoking & Health Issues

Low Tar Cigarettes

Philip Morris USA’s Use of Brand Descriptors

Philip Morris USA does not imply in our marketing, and smokers should not assume, that lower-yielding brands are safe or safer than full-flavor brands.

There is no safe cigarette. “Medium,” “mild,” “light” and “ultra light” cigarettes are no exception.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stated that “smoking ‘low tar’ or ‘light’ cigarettes does not eliminate the health risks of smoking. If you’re concerned about the health risks of smoking, stop smoking … There’s no such thing as a safe smoke.”

As of today, there is no cigarette on the market which public health organizations endorse as offering “reduced risk.” If smokers are concerned about the risks of smoking, quitting is by far their best alternative for reducing those risks.

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