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New Zealand: Packet helps smokers hide graphic warnings Packet helps smokers hide graphic warnings – TVNZ

Sticky seals in the packets of one brand of cigarettes are helping smokers cover up graphic health warnings.

Graphic images of illnesses like gangrene, mouth cancer and lung disease
must be printed on every packet of cigarettes to cover 30% of the front and
90% of the back of the pack.

ONE News looked at a range of cigarettes from a number of companies. Dunhill
was the only product found with a seal inside the packet that can be stuck
on the outside.

It is labelled “exclusively Dunhill”.

The sticky ‘reloc’ seal is just the size to cover health warnings.

Michael Colhoun of Action on Smoking and Health says nothing about a tobacco
packet is accidental and the sticky seals have been included deliberately.

“This seems to be a brand marketing exercise,” he said.

Manufacturer British American Tobacco says its design is not intended to
undermine the law.

“We do not condone the practice of using one part of the pack designed for a
particular purpose to hide those warnings,” the company said.

It said the seal is simply for keeping cigarettes fresh.

One smoker said the sticker is “sneaky”.

Some smokers said they will continue using the sticker to hide the images.

Quitline says since the graphic images first appeared in 2008, numbers of
calls to its helpline have increased.

But there are websites and even how-to videos dedicated to showing smokers
how to cover the pictures up.

Source: TVNZ

Date: 31 October 2011

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