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Singapore bans smoking in outdoor eateries

Clear the Air says:

Anti smoking legislation is intended to protect the health of workers in their work places – catering workers in outdoor restaurants and patios should be protected as should customers and their children from the highly toxic sidestream passive smoke.  It is disingenuous to have laws covering workplace protection from  indoor smoking only. It is high time Hong Kong banned smoking in ALL areas of restaurants and licensed premises, Outdoor Seating Accommodation and patio areas covered by general restaurant , light refreshment and liquor licensed premises and the areas within 10 meters of the above premises and surrounds. It is high time the outdated law placed the legal onus on the premises’ licensees to enforce the anti smoking laws or lose their licenses to operate. This would in one move, increase the policing  of the Tobacco Control Office by 12,000 enforcers.  60% of our visitors are Mainlanders (where 60% of males smoke)  – but the visitors  follow our laws in no smoking places like Ocean Park – Hong Kong’s example can have a marked effect on smoking in the Mainland when visitors see what can be achieved here and demand changes back home.

July 2006  Singapore bans smoking in outdoor eateries

Singapore – Richard Tan usually lingers at one of the tables at the Newton Food Centre to puff a cigarette after a bowl of his favourite prawn noodles.

But as of this month, the 65-year-old retiree must leave the premises and light up under the tree-lined surroundings after Singapore banned smoking in outdoor eateries, coffee shops, canteens and cafes.

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