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Smoking in the movies


Studies have linked exposure to movie smoking and smoking initiation among

U.S. adolescents, but there has been only one published study of adolescents

outside the U.S.


Cross sectional survey of 5586 schoolchildren aged 10-17 with a mean of 12.8

(SD=1.2) years from randomly selected secondary schools in

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, in October/November 2005. In August 2006, using

previously validated methods, exposure to movie smoking was estimated from

398 internationally distributed films (98% produced and distributed by U.S.

studios) released in Germany, and examined its relation with ever and

current (30 day) smoking.


Smoking in internationally distributed movies is associated with ever and

current smoking among German adolescents. This suggests the need for

prospective studies of this association in countries other than the U.S. and

research into the potential impact of countrywide policies that would limit

exposure of young adolescents to movie smoking.

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