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Why plain packaging will not stop youths smoking

23 September 2011 12:51AM
one really must be skeptical about the credentials of the author of this
article who just got married and needs the money. His own website tells the
story that he is a ‘ghostwriter’ for his clients’ ideas., but he does not
take any money from the tobacco industry or its fronts – and pigs can fly
The tobacco industry and its supporters state openly that point of sale
display bans will fail and plain packaging of the ‘silent salesman’ (their
remaining advertising opportunity alongside product placement in the movies)
will also fail. So if these moves will fail and even the worldwide domino
will fail then what does Big Tobacco have to worry about ? Why all the huff
n puff ? Ah yes, smuggling will increase is their retort – well since
tobacco documents online and BAT Clarke’s own admissions show the extent the
tobacco companies control the ‘General Cargo Trade and Duty Not Paid
product’ supply, it is time to start imprisoning tobacco executives for
conspiracy to defraud world treasuries of excise income.

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