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Toast Rack: what a drag

Daniel Jeffreys – Updated on Jun 22, 2008 – SCMP

It makes us furious to see the plight of Paul Newman. Remember the actor with the piercing blue eyes who was Butch to the Sundance and a fantasy in flesh for women of a certain age. It’s said he has lung cancer. It’s bad enough that somebody as smart as Newman could have been conned by the tobacco companies into thinking smoking was a harmless way to look sophisticated. What’s worse is that so many Hong Kong bars and nightclubs will continue to promote the deadly addiction until next July, when their exemption from the city’s smoking ban finally runs out. Maybe these venues could display photos of Newman behind the bar – not the one of him smiling from a bottle of salad dressing but the gut-wrenching shot of him as he left a charity event looking like a dead man walking.

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