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Advertorial about THS report of smoking pattern

Smoking rate hits 30-year low

The daily cigarette smoking prevalence among the Hong Kong population has dropped to 11.1 per cent in 2010, hitting a low in the past 30 years.

The Head of the Tobacco Control Office of the Department of Health (DH), Dr Raymond Ho, said at a press conference today (August 24) that the 2010 daily cigarette smoking rate in Hong Kong represented a drop by more than half from the high point of 23.3 per cent since 1982.

He was quoting figures from the Thematic Household Survey 2010 conducted by the Census and Statistics Department.

Over the years, the Government and the community have made a committed effort in the areas of taxation, legislation and law enforcement, health promotion and provision of smoking cessation services, resulting in the gradual reduction in smoking prevalence.

The survey, conducted from October to December 2010, also showed that nearly half of the daily cigarette smokers (44.3 per cent) had tried or wanted to give up smoking.

“We will further enhance smoking cessation services and health promotion activities through collaboration with the Hospital Authority and community partners including the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Pok Oi Hospital, United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service, the University of Hong Kong, Po Leung Kok and Life Education Activity Programme,” Dr Ho said.

The DH also launched a free smartphone application for smoking cessation earlier this month. This new quit smoking tool is characterised by a number of interactive features such as information sharing with friends through email and “Facebook”, proactive tailor-made quitting tips and encouraging messages from 44 local celebrities. Smokers are encouraged to call DH’s integrated smoking cessation hotline 1833 183 and download the new application to kick the smoking habit.

“The DH will continue to work with various non-governmental organisations on school-based smoking prevention programmes for young people with a view to achieving a smoke-free Hong Kong.”

As of August 23 this year, DH’s integrated smoking cessation hotline received 14,787 calls which has exceeded the yearly number of calls received in 2010 (13,880).

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衞生署亦於八月初推出戒煙的智能手機應用程式,這項新的戒煙工具有多種互動功能,例如透過電郵和「Facebook」與朋友分享戒煙資訊、向煙民提供積極而貼身的戒煙貼士,以及四十四名本地知名人士的勉勵說話。衞生署鼓勵煙民致電署方的綜合戒煙熱線1833 183及下載新的應用程式,戒除吸煙習慣。





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