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Tequila To Be Downed Without Cigarette In Hand

In Mexico City, tequila to be downed without cigarette in hand

Apr 4, 2008, 0:45 GMT – M & G

Mexico City – Mexico City citizens who enjoy smoking while visiting the city’s 35,000 public establishments had to stub out their cigarettes Thursday.

People who defy the law multiple times face fines of up to 150 dollars, and determined repeaters could even be thrown in jail for 36 hours. Owners of restaurants and hotels also face fines, and office buildings, hospitals and universities which continue to allow smoking in public spaces also face harsh sanctions.

Restaurants where smokers are caught twice in one year will be closed, according to the law.

The anti-smoking law reflects a growing trend across the North American continent and, more recently, Europe, spurred on by health- conscious governments trying to stem the human and material costs of tobacco’s health consequences.

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