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DTP Calls For Ban On E-Cigarettes

News National – Today’s Zaman

Democratic Society Party (DTP) Şırnak deputy Hasip Kaplan, meanwhile, called on Parliament to ban the usage of electronic cigarettes, asserting they are no less harmful than normal cigarettes as marketed.

An electronic cigarette, made from microelectronic and supercritical atomizing technologies, takes the form of a tiny rod which is slightly longer than a normal cigarette. The mouthpiece of the device contains a replaceable cartridge filled with liquid. The main substances contained in the liquid are nicotine and propylene glycol.

“Under the law, smoking is prohibited in schools and hospitals, but such a prohibition is not valid for electronic cigarettes. Imagine a person who walks along the corridors of a school with an e-cigarette in his hand. Why do we deceive ourselves? It is claimed that e-cigarettes increase the risk of addiction because of their high levels of nicotine. We need to ban the usage of such devices,” he noted.

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