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15 Feb 2011


Jenny Cousins

Corporate Partnerships Project Officer – Extn: 632

Jenny joined Earthwatch in February 2010 and works within the British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership. As a Project Officer, Jenny supports initiatives which embed biodiversity into British American Tobacco’s (BAT) operations, including biodiversity risk assessments, and the development and delivery of training packages on biodiversity for BAT staff.

Previously, Jenny completed a PhD from the School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester, which explored the role of two contemporary and innovate forms of ecotourism which have rapidly expanded in recent years – private wildlife ranching in South Africa and international conservation tourism. Jenny has produced a number of journal publications from this work. Her thesis is interdisciplinary and broadly grounded in a political ecology approach in that it gives some attention to the role of historical factors, cultural expectations and power relations in shaping conservation. Prior to her PhD Jenny completed an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation (including research on fruit bats in the Cook Islands and work on ungulates in Kenya), gained a Postgraduate diploma in Freelance Journalism and Feature Writing, volunteered as a research assistant for a cheetah conservation charity in Botswana and at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Bolivia.

Jenny is interested in many aspects of the natural environment, including environment-society interactions, the challenges of sustainably managing and regulating the use of biodiversity, and innovative strategies for conserving biodiversity. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys horse riding, photography, and generally being out and about in the countryside.

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