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Countries that Have Banned Light and Mild Descriptors for Cigarettes

Countries that Have Banned “Light” and “Mild” Descriptors for Cigarettes

Canadian Cancer Society – May 1, 2007

At least 43 countries are known to have specifically banned the misleading “light” and “mild” descriptors for cigarettes. This includes the 27 countries in the European Community, and 16 other countries. In some countries, legislation is still subject to a transition period. This list should not be considered exhaustive, as there are likely other countries that should be included.

1. Australia1
2. Austria*
3. Belgium*
4. Brazil
5. Bulgaria*
6. Canada2
7. Chile
8. Cyprus*
9. Czech Republic*
10. Denmark*
11. Estonia*
12. Finland*
13. France*
14. Germany*
15. Greece*
16. Hungary*
17. Iceland
18. India
19. Iran
20. Ireland*
21. Israel
22. Italy*
23. Latvia*
24. Lithuania*
25. Luxembourg*
26. Malta*
27. Netherlands*
28. Norway
29. Panama
30. Peru
31. Poland*
32. Portugal*
33. Romania*
34. Slovakia*
35. Slovenia*
36. Spain*
37. Sweden*
38. Switzerland
39. Thailand
40. Ukraine
41. United Kingdom*
42. Uruguay
43. Venezuela

* member of the European Community
1 Through court-enforceable undertakings between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Philip Morris Ltd., British American Tobacco Australia Limited, and Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited.
2 Through court-enforceable settlements entered (on Nov. 7 or Nov. 8, 2006) between the national Competition Bureau and Imperial Tobacco
Canada Ltd, JTI-Macdonald Corp., and Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. Other small companies are not covered.

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