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Smoking cessation using traditional Chinese medicine

2yinyangillSmokers will have the opportunity to kick the habit with the assistance of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) under a one-year pilot smoking cessation programme to be launched tomorrow (April 1).

The community–based smoking cessation programme using traditional Chinese medicine, jointly organised by the Department of Health and Pok Oi Hospital (POH), covers a comprehensive range of activities and services including smoking cessation service, education for the public and research projects.

Free smoking cessation service including counselling and acupuncture will be provided by POH Chinese medicine practitioners in 10 mobile clinics which serve 48 locations at different districts.

A Chinese Medicine Community Health Care Centre will be established to support these mobile clinics.

Smokers who wish to quit using TCM can make appointments via POH’s dedicated hotline, 26071222. They can also visit the mobile Chinese medicine treatment centres for appointments or making enquiries in person. The locations and service hours of the centres are available at the POH website,





吸煙人士如有意使用該項戒煙服務,可致電博愛醫院的熱線電話2607 1222,他們亦可親身前往流動醫療車預約或查詢。市民可登入博愛醫院網址,查詢流動醫療車的服務時間和地點。

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