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AAHK responds to proposed tobacco ban for incoming travellers

hkaaFirst published: 11-Mar-2010

Source: DFNI Online

The airport authority believes the proposed ban on inbound duty-free tobacco allowances would impact overall business

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) believes the Hong Kong government’s proposed abolition of inbound duty-free tobacco allowances would impact its arrival duty-free business at Hong Kong International airport (HKIA).

Following the announcement last month by Hong Kong financial secretary John Tsang in his latest budget speech, which suggested the aim of the abolition is to “further protect public health,” an AAHK spokesperson told DFNIonline: “Arrivals duty-free tobacco products have been available at HKIA since 1999 and sales in this sector are one of the major sources of revenue at HKIA. Abolishment of inbound tobacco allowances would certainly have an impact on our business.”

The spokesperson added: “The effect is yet to be seen, and in the meantime we will closely monitor the situation and keep in contact with our business partners.”

Inbound duty-free tobacco allowances in Hong Kong are currently 60 sticks, 15 cigars or 75g of other manufactured tobacco.

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