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Get tough on cigarette sales

kid smoking

Last updated: March 13, 2010

Source: South China Morning Post

Although it is illegal to sell cigarettes to minors, some stores are flouting the law.

Store owners argue that it can often be difficult to work out whether or not a customer is under age from their appearance. Therefore, the Tobacco Control Office should issue a directive saying that shopkeepers should be allowed to demand to see customers’ identity cards if they want to buy cigarettes.

This could curb the trend of minors being able to buy tobacco in stores. Also, the penalties for people who intentionally sell to minors are too lenient. We need tougher laws and punishments.

Shopkeepers should first receive a warning.

If they fail to heed it, they should face the loss of the licence to sell tobacco and even imprisonment. With tougher penalties the number of cigarette sales to minors will drop.

The Tobacco Control Office needs extra resources so it can put more officers out on the streets.

Some of them could even go undercover to try and catch shopkeepers selling to minors.

Written by Billy Cheuk Ka-lok & Wong Tai Sin

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