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Turkey awarded for its efforts to create smoke-free environment

put that outFirst published: February 27, 2010

Source: World Bulletin

Turkey was awarded in the United States for its efforts to create a smoke-free environment.

The “Global Smoke Free Partnership” award was given to the Turkish National Committee on Smoking and Health which has been working for 20 years to create a smoke-free environment with participation of more than 40 state institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Professor Elif Dagli, chairperson of the committee, received the award at a ceremony at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel.

Speaking at the award ceremony, American Cancer Society Chairman Thomas Glynn said that despite all pressure by giant cigarette industry, Turkey had applied the smoking ban in public places successfully. He said that Turkey was the first Muslim country which put into practice a nationwide smoking ban.

The Global Smoke Free Partnership is a multi-partner initiative formed to promote effective smoke-free air policies worldwide. The Partnership is coordinated by the American Cancer Society and the Framework Convention Alliance with contributions of nearly 20 partners.

Turkey banned smoking on public transportation and in workplaces and malls in May 2008. It gave extra time to restaurants, bars and cafes to bring themselves in compliance with the smoking ban law. Expanded smoking ban went into effect across Turkey on June 19, 2009.Accordingly, it is illegal to smoke in coffeehouses, cafeterias, pubs, narghile-smoking places, clubs of associations and foundations, restaurants, taxis, mass transportation vehicles of highway, railway, seaway and airway.

Under the law, making advertisement and promotion of tobacco products as well as names and brands of producer companies is forbidden too. Turkey is the seventh country in the European continent which bans smoking in all enclosed public places.

Recent public surveys indicated that smoking ban led to a significant decrease in number of addicts.

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