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All designated smoking areas in airports to go


Fiste published: February 22, 2010

Source: Gulf Times

Acting on reservations expressed by the Tobacco Control Cell, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has instructed all airport managers to remove or dismantle the structures of all Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs) functioning within passenger lounges, and to strictly follow and implement laws that prohibit smoking in places of public use or work.

“The structures of designated smoking zones in airport lounges, including VIP lounges, should be dismantled or removed,” instructs a written order issued to all airport managers by Regional Director South Hanif Khattak on Friday.

The letter also states that signs saying ‘Smoking is banned in airport lounges’ should be displayed at prominent places at airport lounges, toilets and other places; and that arrangements should be made to facilitate anti-smoking passengers to be able to complain in case they observe a fellow passenger smoking in an airport lounge, toilet or any other place within the airport.

“The airport managers are authorised to act against smokers in airport lounges by either ejecting them from the lounges or by filing a written complaint in a court of First Class Magistrate against the offenders,” Khattak’s order further informs airport managers in the light of a warning contained in a letter written to the CAA by Director General Tobacco Control Cell Yusuf Khan.

“In case negligence on part of the airport lounge managers is witnessed, the Ministry of Health will be forced to take action to seal off the premises and to recommend disciplinary action against negligent airport lounge managers,” Khan informs in his January 21, 2010 letter addressed to Khattak.

The letter expresses concern about continuation of smoking in airport lounges, including VIP lounges, despite the existence of a law that prohibits designated smoking areas in the country.

“The management staff of airport lounges is very reluctant to even stop passengers from smoking, leave alone take legal action under the law that prohibits smoking in airport lounges. As a consequence of this negligence, non-smokers, particularly children and patients, are forced to inhale second-hand cigarette smoke, which has scientifically been proven to be as harmful as smoking itself, as well as a cause of cancer and many other serious diseases,” Khan points out in the letter.

The letter also communicates in great detail, the legal position of smoking by passengers in airport lounges to the CAA, hoping that enforcement of the relevant section of laws and rules would be strictly followed.

Section 2-c of the Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Ordinance 2002 defines a “waiting lounge” as “a place of public work or use.”

Another section states that “No person shall smoke or use tobacco in any form in any place of public work or use.”

Any person who contravenes the provisions of the law is punishable with fine that may extend to Rs1,000, and in case of second or subsequent offence, be punishable with a fine which shall not be less that Rs1,000 and may extend to Rs100,000.

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