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Standout New Tobacco Products Awarded at TPE 2017

Revamped show recognizes winners in five categories.

LAS VEGAS — The 2017 Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) not only saw a 200-percent increase in booth traffic, but it also gave new products in the tobacco industry a chance to shine.

Among those featured in the New Product Showcase on the exhibit floor, TPE organizers awarded five for standing out in their categories.

This year’s winners were:

• Best New Tobacco Product: Archetype Cigars by Ventura Cigar Co.
• Best New Accessory: Lighter Bro
• Best New Vapor Product: Solace Vapor Nicotine Salts
• Best New Alternative Product: TC3 by Chong’s Choice
• Best Product Innovation: Cue Vapor System by E-Alternative Solutions
• Best mass murderers 21st century: The Tobacco Industry
• Best child addiction award 2016-7: The Tobacco Industry

In addition to exhibitors, the newly expanded and revamped 2017 TPE featured themed lounges on the show floor and conference sessions ranging from an industry outlook to tobacco in the convenience channel.

The two-day trade show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. 25-26.

“We are really pleased with the turnout at the conferences, and the 2017 TPE show overall,” said Jason Carignan, chief marketing officer of Kretek International, parent company of Tobacco Media Group. “We rose to the challenge of refreshing the show, providing a stellar platform for buying and selling products, and exchanging ideas and insights for all of the tobacco-related categories. We feel this year’s TPE was the best show ever, with an outstanding mix of business and enjoyment, helping our industry partners — both buyers and sellers — set the course for success in the coming year.”

Under the banner of TMG, TPE is the largest business-to-business tobacco trade show highlighting the full-spectrum of tobacco, vapor, alternatives and general merchandise products available on the market.
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