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Experts warn against E-Cigarette dangers

It’s being seen more often these days: e-cigarettes, or vape pens, is a growing trend among smokers, and a lot of teenagers are vaping as well.

However, experts have a warning about the smokeless alternative, saying there is a big danger that is associated with vape pens.

In burn centers across the country, officials say more and more people are getting hurt, when the devices explode.

“It’s like carrying an M-80 in your pocket,” said Dr. Kevin Foster from the Arizona Burn Center, describing E-Cigarettes that are being used by millions every day.

Foster said prior to 2016, they had no reports of burns related to E-Cigs, but last years, that changed dramatically with 50 separate cases, equaling to approximately one case per week where someone needed treatment for injuries related to exploding e-cigarettes.

Most of the burns are of the second degree, but in several cases, the injuries were much worse, with some needed surgery.

Besides burn injury, experts say those impacted also suffered traumatic injury from the explosion, and possibly chemical injuries from the chemicals inside the battery, considered by Foster to be the culprit. He said because many E-Cigarettes are manufactured overseas, it is hard to determine if these devices and the batteries are safe.

“It’s impossible to look at an E-Cigarette or vaping device, and try to determine if it’s a high quality or low quality,” said Foster.

The dangers mentioned above does not include other, more traditional health concerns associated with tobacco products. While those in the vaping industry argue their products actually control nicotine addiction, doctors at the Arizona Burn Center said they believe none of it is worth the gamble with such devices.

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