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Biotechnology allows growing very low nicotine tobacco

The 22nd Century Group, Inc., a plant biotechnology company, is focused on producing very low nicotine tobacco and, therefore, claims it is the leader in lowering harm from tobacco. The groups sees big money potential from success of its Central American growing program. So, it seems natural that anti-biotech groups will be blaming the biotech tobacco rather than the act of smoking for any illnesses or deaths.

The specially-propagated Central American tobacco crop is expected to produce sufficient quantities of very low nicotine tobacco seed stock to support 22nd Century’s increasing distribution of “VLN” tobacco cigarettes in Europe, as well as the anticipated future distribution of VLN tobacco cigarettes in the United States, as well as the potential sales of VLN tobacco leaf in Asia.

As reported in October 2015, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a phytosanitary certificate to 22nd Century to facilitate export of the company’s proprietary Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) seeds to select growers in Central America. As a result of the company’s successful field trials, the proprietary VLN tobacco seed being produced will allow 22nd Century to greatly expand its tobacco leaf growing programs in both the United States and in Central America. The tobacco plants in Central America are expected to produce seed sufficient to grow tens of thousands of acres of VLN tobacco.

The company says it is ahead of schedule to eventually distribute its MAGIC “O” cigarettes around the world.

“The positive results of our Central American tobacco seed production program could not have come at a better time,” explained Henry Sicignano, III, President and Chief Executive Officer of 22nd Century Group. “Now 22nd Century will have sufficient stockpiles of VLN seeds to support increased distribution of the Company’s MAGIC “O” cigarettes as well as launches of our other proprietary Very Low Nicotine products around the world.”

The 22nd Century Group is a plant biotechnology company focused on technology that allows it to increase or decrease the level of nicotine in tobacco plants and the level of cannabinoids in cannabis plants through genetic engineering and plant breeding. More powerful marijuana appears to be on the horizon.

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