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Berkeley Labs study suggests ‘Vaping’ brings new kind of cancer to smokers

Vaping is seen as one of the common alternatives for smokers these days though new research claims it is still unhealthy. Harmful chemicals are induced to the body and may be cancerous.

Vaping is something that smokers are turning to these days to alleviate smoking. Initially seen as better, the chemical compositions from e-liquids are now being singled out as unhealthy.

The whole idea behind vaping is for people to find an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. It was initially seen as a good alternative for smokers to avoid lung cancer. That was until researchers stepped up to dispute that claim. In fact, they now singled out the chemicals used in e-liquids as a culprit.

A study made by researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory singled out the chemicals inhaled as being equally cancerous. Among the harmful components identified are propylene glycol and glycerin which lead to emissions of toxic chemicals like acrolein and formaldehyde, according to the Environmental Science and Technology journal.

Vaping has been a growing trend for smokers, particularly the young children. But the problem is that unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes lack the proper research and study to determine if they are truly healthy or bring some alternative form of health risk.

Berkeley Lab hopes to get to the bottom of all that and it all boils down to the liquids used when vaping. The liquids are not normal liquids and are mixed with some form of flavoring or nicotine levels. As far as the cancer-related angle, it is these components that are being categorized as cancer-causing elements.

Aside from the e-liquids, Berkeley Labs also singles out the e-cigarette coils responsible for vaporizing the liquid that is smoked. They claim that carcinogens are also present in e-cigarettes.

“They found that as the voltage increased, both the amount of e-liquid consumed per puff and the vapor temperature were higher,” according to the lab’s release. “In the case of acrolein and formaldehyde, the amount formed at the highest voltage of 4.8V was an order of magnitude higher than the amount at the lowest voltage of 3.3V.”

When lined up against people who smoke cigarettes or tobacco, vaping looks like a safer option. Unfortunately, more information is needed to support the ‘healthier’ claim.

As mentioned on, cigarettes are considered ‘super unhealthy’ while e-cigarettes are allegedly just ‘unhealthy’.

The video below covers the two harmful carcinogens tied up to e-cigarette vapors.


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