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Teen’s ‘e-cigarette explodes in his face in car’ leaving him with burns and missing bottom teeth

Daniel McClelland had just told his mum that morning that he was planning on vaping more to help him quit smoking

A teen has been rushed to hospital after he says the electronic cigarette he was using exploded in his face.

Daniel McClelland was using the device as normal while he was in friend’s car, he says – but was stunned when it suddenly blew up.

The impact of the blast reportedly cracked the windows of the car he was in and left him in need of medical attention.

Bleeding, he says he ran home to his mum’s where she called for the emergency services.

The 17-year-old of Fresno, California, was rushed to Twin Cities Community Hospital by emergency crews called to the scene.

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As well as losing many of his bottom teeth, a small hole was blown through Daniel’s tongue, his family have revealed.

His tongue was also severely swollen and he was needed help with breathing. He was later taken by air for treatment at a specialist burn unit.

Jesus Matias, a friend who was in the car, told Paso Robles Daily News : “We were just sitting in my girlfriend’s sister’s car, listening to music, laughing and joking around like always and we just heard a sound like a gun shot.

“I look up and I see flames, we all got out of the car and my ears were ringing, then I realised Daniel was hurt.”

Daniel’s mum Gina Skove Krasnow has been posting updates on her Facebook page.

“It was just that morning that Daniel told me he planned to quit smoking cigarettes by switching to that vape.

“I told him, I really don’t like either of them but if that’s what it took to help him quit smoking cigarettes then that was that,” she said.

Daniel took to his own account on Monday to thank his friends for their support.

“Tears coming to my eyes in reality of everything that’s happened but mostly how many people are here for me in support and love,” he wrote.

“Life is a very precious thing and I am more than grateful to still have mine. I want to thank every single individual person that’s done anything to help my recovery process.”

He told his loved ones they were “all miracles and a blessing to my life” and asked that they keep praying for him.

“I promise you all I’m not going to give up on this fight until I’m back to healthy me I was. I love you all so dearly thank you.”

The family have launched fundraising online which is currently at £645.

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