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E-Cigarettes Are No Safer, Study Shows

People get addicted on cigarettes and enjoy them up to the cigarette butt because of the nicotine craze. Although the nicotine doesn’t promote lung cancer and diseases, it’s the tar and other chemicals that do most of the damage.

A vigorous debate has been going on among public health officials if electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes can reduce the dangers of smoking tobacco or id they should be dealt as negatively as conventional cigarettes. Countries such as Britain, authorities prefer e-cigarettes more, enticing smokers to transition to electronic from conventional.

The Food and Drug Administration issued last week new rules on e-cigarettes, prohibiting their sale to people less than 18 years of age and required adults under the age of 26 to present a photo identification to buy them, according to The New York Times.

Producers will be required to reveal the ingredients in the liquid nicotine used in “vaping” and permit government review on how the devices are manufactured before they can be sold to adults in the U.S.

Presently, anything could be concealed inside the liquid and isn’t the only fact why children are not allowed to use e-cigarettes. Since it still contain nicotine which is an addictive ingredient associated to heart disease, it doesn’t mean even without the carcinogenic tar and smoke it is already safe to use. Harmful substances are discovered in e-cigarette “juice” like the flavoring Diacetyl linked to lung diseases, as reported by timesunion.

While tobacco products are responsible for the huge majority of the exposures, e-cigarettes are held accountable for 14% of them. But what is most worrying is the increased scale at which most young children are exposed with e-cigarettes and the serious incidents compared to tobacco product exposures, the Medical News Today reported.

Nicotine is an impetus that exists naturally in tobacco plants affecting the heart and nervous system. Even so, being exposed to small amounts can be quickly fatal.

Studies showed that using e-cigarettes is still dangerous even without the tar or even the smoke especially if young children are exposed to it meaning it was ingested, inhaled or absorbed by eyes or skin. The nicotine found in juice and other ingredients can still do harm to everyone’s health.


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