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Nationwide push to raise legal age to buy tobacco to 21

A new nationwide push to prohibit the sale of tobacco products to teens has made it into federal legislation. The Tobacco to 21 Act would raise the minimum age that a person can buy tobacco products to 21.

Sponsored by Senator Schatz of Hawaii and Congresswoman DeGette of Colorado, (H.R. 3656/S. 2100,) the legislation is designed to reduce tobacco use among high school aged youth.

While a similar effort was recently rejected by the 2016 Utah Legislature, supporters of the initiative are hoping that passage by other states will pave the way for other states.

Washington County’s Youth Coalition is among those pushing for the change. “Our youth groups will continue to work with legislation and let them know what their thoughts are and educate them on how this helps the youth,” said Health Educator Kaysha Price who supports the Youth

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