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Is enough being done to police the smoking ban?


I doubt if enough is being done. It astonishes me to see some people continuing to smoke indoors at venues where it is banned, even on the ground floor.

This reveals the inadequacy in the government’s enforcement policy.

The deterrent effect is inadequate, as smokers think that if they flout the law they will not be caught.

A more worrying problem is that the owners of some bars and mahjong parlours are turning a blind eye to smoking inside their establishments.

They will not strictly follow the law, as they do not shoulder any legal responsibilities, even if someone is caught smoking on their premises. They do not want to lose customers, especially during the present economic downturn. Clearly there is a loophole in the law.

Even if some bar owners do try to stop customers lighting up, they have no powers.

Therefore, more manpower should be allocated to enforce the law.

Frederic Lam Hei-wai, Kwun Tong

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