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World No Tobacco Day 2016: WHO urges for plain packaging of tobacco products

According to the World Health Organization, for this year’s World No Tobacco Day on May 31, various countries have been called upon ‘to get ready for plain (standardized) packaging’ of tobacco products.

“Plain packaging refers to “measures to restrict or prohibit the use of logos, colours, brand images or promotional information on packaging other than brand names and product names displayed in a standard colour and font style,” stated WHO.

It added that the plain packaging was an important demand reduction measure since it ‘reduces the attractiveness of tobacco products, restricts use of tobacco packaging as a form of tobacco advertising and promotion, limits misleading packaging and labelling, and increases the effectiveness of health warning’.

Every year, WHO recognizes individuals or organizations in each of the six WHO Regions for their accomplishments in the area of tobacco control. This recognition takes the form of WHO Director-General Special Recognition Awards, World No Tobacco Day Awards, and in 2016, two WHO Director-General’s Special Recognition Certificates.

The recipients of this year’s most noteworthy awards called ‘WHO Director-General Special Awards’ are Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, France; and Jane Ellison MP, Member of Parliament for Battersea, and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, stated the WHO on its website.

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